Champneys Forest Mere

Champneys Forest Mere

We booked our little trip quite awhile ago and I was so excited and if you read my weekend bag post you’ll know I was a bit nervous about leaving my little lad but I’ll just start by saying.. he was fine obviously with his dad and amazingly so was I. I managed to really relax and chill out and it was really needed!!

The reason for the visit was my friends hen do and there was 5 of us that went. Perfect number I think to enjoy the time and luckily we all wanted to do the same things at the same time so was really chilled out and easy going.

When we arrived at the resort we were greeted by the amazing view of the lake, it was so frosty and it just looked stunning. The staff were so friendly on arrival and handed us a drink whilst we checked in. Once given our keys we made our way to the rooms and were pleasantly surprised to see a gift on our beds of a body butter and sleep spray both of which are my some of my favourite products.

The view from the window was the lake, and the room was spacious, clean and relaxing. We didn’t waste any time and chucked our robes on and flip flops and made our way down to the spa centre. I didn’t get too many pictures of the actual spa but we spent some time in a room with a fire place and hanging pods, another room had water beds and there is a section for the steam, sauna and a snow room (I know a snow room… I was too wimpy to go in there though) the showers had different settings like cold mist and rainforest and were really nice. In the afternoon we were given a make up masterclass which was good. I didn’t learn anything new but was good to see some differebt products in use.

After spending some time in the spa we went and got changed for dinner, dinner was really nice and all the food on offer is really healthy. We enjoyed a nice cup of tea afterwards and totted off to our rooms where we had face masks, chocolate, prosseco and watched Bridesmaids (naturally) we all fell asleep before the end though haha.

We all slept really well and when we got up we went down to breakfast in our robes, was a buffet style breakfast and again all healthy options on offer.

After breakfast it was time for our treatments and I was booked in for a massage and facial. The massage was amazing and really helped relax me, the facial was incredible and my skin was glowing afterwards. I really want the Elemis Lavender Face mask now though but it’s quite pricey at £31!

After our treatments we all relaxed in the spa for an hour or so before lunch, lunch was my favourite meal time as they had baked salmon which was so tasty I could of eaten the lot haha. I didn’t…honest.

Once lunch was done we again chilled in the jacuzzi, steam room etc and just relaxed, chatted and had a laugh. When it was near time to go I decided to have a pamper up and wash my hair etc, was so nice to take my time. In the changing rooms they have GHD straighteners and hair dryers, there really has been no expense spared at Forest Mere.

On the way out we popped into the shop, I bought a gift set which was on offer which included a lot of bits, I think I have one similar for my birthday (I’ll do a what I got for my birthday post!) and some nail varnishes.

Over all the weekend was amazing, I really relaxed and I am so proud of myself for going away. Something I never thought I would do. It was so so so so so lovely to get home to my boy though. Although he was very excitable after spending all that time with daddy and uncle haha. He’s now fast asleep in bed though whilst I plan my next trip away with my mum. She will love Forest Mere and I can’t wait to take her there for a little girly trip just us.

My Weekend Bag

My Weekend Bag

I am off to a spa for the night (Champney’s Spa) for my friends hen do and to say I am excited is a total understatement. I rarely ever have a night away from Jake and can count on one hand how many times I have since he has been born. This will be the first night I have left Jake with James for the night as usually James and I are together.

Jacob will be fine with his dad… and it will do us all good I think. Good for me to relax and spend time with my friends, and Jacob used to not having me there at night and knowing daddy can get up too haha. (Sorry James..!! LOL)

I got my bag out and I love this bag as I can fit so much into it, it is also sentimental as it was my hospital bag when I was in hospital with little Jake. First thing I always pack is clothes for the next day. I will wear the same jeggings and just change my top, I am sure we will spend the majority of the time in a robe anyway. 

I have this lovely Champney’s bag that I got with a gift set and I have packed all my minis and essentials, toothbrush, toothpaste, mini body lotion, shower gel and skincare. Luckily I have all the minis of what I use so that is so handy! As you can see I’m taking everything. Even a bit of make up. 

I am not taking my laptop as staying away from Social Media for the 2 days and night. I will have my phone though as will need to be contactable just in case and I will want to speak to Jake about 100 times haha. So I will be taking my charger, and my straighteners.

Also packed a couple of girly films and face masks for the 5 of us. 

I am going to do a post of the spa trip, so will take lots of photos as will be taking them anyway as its a hen do. Cant wait to share the experience with you all. XX

GlossyBox – January

GlossyBox – January

Collected this months Glossy from the post office and I was like a kid at Christmas unwrapping it as soon as I got home haha. Was really excited for this one as it seems to be all natural products and I love anything natural.

I will get the sheet mask out the way first.. if this didn’t have Manuka Honey on the packaging I would of rolled my eyes and put it with the rest of the sheet masks I have haha but I actually wanted to try it and used it the same evening, it was nice, hasn’t made me love sheet masks but my skin was very hydrated after. 

I don’t get too excited by seeing moisturisers in my boxes, however, I have been trying the Nip & Fab exfoliating pads and they’re really nice so curious to see what this is like. It smells like Kale and Almond Milk, so smells like the green smoothies I make, so if I drink something that smells like it, it must be good for my face right? This has gone straight into my makeup draw for those days I need a bit more moisture before doing my make up. 

Unani Milk Cleanser, oddly enough I have been trying to stick to a routine of using certain products in the morning and evening so this put a spanner in the works. Think this will be a great second cleanse or morning cleanse but I used this once and just preferred my usual Cleanser so this has gone to a friend who likes using milk cleansers. 

Sticking to the skincare theme, I received this brush, I have the Clarisonic and a Foreo dupe and haven’t been using them lately. Even thinking about selling my Clarisonic as I’m quite sensitive these days, I have used a manual brush and just didn’t get on with so again this has gone to a friend who will use this. 

Lastly in the box was this cute little eyeshadow, I don’t have an eyeshadow this colour so quite excited about using it. Very Autumnal though so think I will get more use out of this in Autumn. 

Although this hasn’t been my favourite box this month I am glad my friend will get good out of the products instead of sitting in my back up section unused. These boxes are hit and miss and for me (my opinion only as I know a few people have LOVED this months box) here’s to next month! Lol. 


LF Beauty Box – January

LF Beauty Box – January

I get so excited each month waiting for my Look Fantastic Box and GlossyBox. LF Beauty box was first through the door this month and I was really chuffed with the contents.

I needed some new slanted tweezers so these came at the best time, and they’re rose gold so look nice too! 

I use this brow gel anyway so needed a back up. I want to try more Pixi products as I really like this. It doesn’t go hard or flakey it just helps set the brows into place.

Jelly Pong Pong is a brand I have heard of before and received some of their products in previous Beauty boxes. I think I have had he Fairy Lashes mascara before so was keen to give it a go. It is nice, and curled my lashes nicely. Very glossy finish too.

I always love a hair mask especially when it’s says don’t despair repair lol! My hair needs all the help it can get after years of bleaching. I do try and look after it now so can’t wait to use this on a pamper evening, I did smell it though and it smells a-mazing! Contains avocado, sweet almond and Argan oils along with hair essential vitamins.

Oddly enough I really wanted to try more of Nuxe skincare as I love their dry oil, so naturally couldn’t wait to try this so used it the same day and it’s so soothing! I will be buying the full size of this!

I thought I would leave this for last as it wasn’t my favourite item in the box, it’s nice and does what it claims to do. I popped a bit on my cheekbones and it highlights really nicely. Was a little wary as it’s pink and usually prefer a champagne highlight. But it’s the smell… it doesn’t smell offensive but it’s just not a smell I’m keen on. However the highlight is good enough for me to get through it.

I am in two minds whether to get the Birchbox as well as LF and GB boxes. Does anyone get BB and recommend it? X

Winter Warmer Pamper

Winter Warmer Pamper

When it gets cold there is nothing more I love than putting comfy clothes on and treating my mind and body to a much-needed pamper up. I suffer with chronic pain in my coccyx and when it’s particularly bad I need to relax and press the reset button as it does make me pretty stressed. Anyway that’s boring lol…

This is what I do from start to finish to make myself go from Stress Head to Zen Princess. It starts with me removing all jewellery and nail polish… because I love to start a fresh. I file my nails as they always need it. I then put a hair mask in my hair which is usually coconut oil, or I make a DYI hair mask with avocado, honey and olive oil. I am more than happy to do a post on my favourite ones if you’re interested.


I then remove my make up with the micellar water and then use the Emma Hardie cleansing balm. It is then time for exfoliation and a mask and at the moment I am loving the Byron Bay exfoliant and mask, I massage a bit into my damp face and rinse off, then apply another layer and leave this on for 20 minutes. I run a bath and use whatever I fancy that day, could be a lush bath bomb, or a bubble bath and this time I went for the Champneys Heavenly Bubble Bath and Salts. These are so lovely and really help me to relax, then I go ahead and relax and then before I get out I exfoliate. I then run the shower and wash my hair etc and I am currently using the Byron Bay Shampoo and Conditioner and rinse my face mask off.


When out of the bath I wrap my hair in an old t shirt, and complete the rest of my skincare routine which usually consists of a serum or facial oil, eye cream and moisturiser. But I will do a post on my updated skincare routine soon.

Once back in the haven of my bedroom I take my hair out the towel and apply the Dieci All in One Hair treatment, brush my hair through and dry it. I apply some hair oil and then straighten before moving on to my body moisturiser and this changes depending on my mood but this night I went for the Champneys Heavenly Days Relaxing Souffle. This goes with the Bubble bath so goes nicely after a bath.


Before I do my nails I get into clean Pjs, and spritz the Champneys Sleep Spray around and rub a bit of the temple balm onto my pulse points. This is also the time I try and drink a glass of water and take my Magnesium, which has really helped me the last 6 months with anxiety and pain management.


I have a little basket of manicure and pedicure goodies so I get that out and start preening and prepping my nails and paint them. I do have an at home manicure and pedicure post so if you want to check them out please just type in ‘spa’ in the search bar to the right.

When I have had a pamper everything just feels calm and I feel at ease. I am usually watching something on Netflix but I try to stay off social media and not think about anything. Usually the day after a pamper I will fake tan just to spruce my mood a bit more and make me look a little less translucent and a bit healthier.

What do you do on a pamper evening? Let me know in the comments. XX

Primark Haul

Primark Haul


I don’t usually do Primark Hauls as I’m usually just getting the boring stuff. I don’t think I’ve met anyone that doesn’t like a rummage in Primarni haha.

I had a quick dash in there today as found myself in Brighton and wanted to pick up another pair of the black jeggings I wear to work, they’re so comfortable. I did have them in a size 10 but they were massive on me. More like a 12 so now I have two pairs of size 8’s, just a warning in case you do go and get them… try them on as you may need to go down a size.

Next on my agenda was getting a couple of cosy/warm jumpers. I wanted a cardigan type that I can leave over the sofa and just chuck on when I get chilly. I got the idea from mum as hers looked super cosy the other day.

Then I saw some grey little slipper sock type things, they are teddy bear material and oh my they are so comfy, as soon as I got them home they were on my feet. Need to be a bit careful going up and down the stairs though.I ventured into the beauty section which I never tend to do but I saw these 3 brushes that looked quite interesting. I wanted a new angled brush and a small blusher brush as I only have my Zoeva one that I really like so wanted another like it.

The small pink thing claims to be a face cleansing pad but I thought I would give it a whirl to see how good it is at cleaning my brushes, the angled brow brush I wanted one for ages with a spoolie on the end but didn’t want to pay £15 for one. So hopefully this will do the job nicely.

The weird looking kidney shaped thing is a thing to soak your nails in, thought it would be a good addition to my nail kit along with the buffers, can never have too many of those bad boys!

Please link in the comments if you’ve done any Primark hauls as want to make another visit soon! X