Primark Haul


I don’t usually do Primark Hauls as I’m usually just getting the boring stuff. I don’t think I’ve met anyone that doesn’t like a rummage in Primarni haha.

I had a quick dash in there today as found myself in Brighton and wanted to pick up another pair of the black jeggings I wear to work, they’re so comfortable. I did have them in a size 10 but they were massive on me. More like a 12 so now I have two pairs of size 8’s, just a warning in case you do go and get them… try them on as you may need to go down a size.

Next on my agenda was getting a couple of cosy/warm jumpers. I wanted a cardigan type that I can leave over the sofa and just chuck on when I get chilly. I got the idea from mum as hers looked super cosy the other day.

Then I saw some grey little slipper sock type things, they are teddy bear material and oh my they are so comfy, as soon as I got them home they were on my feet. Need to be a bit careful going up and down the stairs though.I ventured into the beauty section which I never tend to do but I saw these 3 brushes that looked quite interesting. I wanted a new angled brush and a small blusher brush as I only have my Zoeva one that I really like so wanted another like it.

The small pink thing claims to be a face cleansing pad but I thought I would give it a whirl to see how good it is at cleaning my brushes, the angled brow brush I wanted one for ages with a spoolie on the end but didn’t want to pay Β£15 for one. So hopefully this will do the job nicely.

The weird looking kidney shaped thing is a thing to soak your nails in, thought it would be a good addition to my nail kit along with the buffers, can never have too many of those bad boys!

Please link in the comments if you’ve done any Primark hauls as want to make another visit soon! X


55 thoughts on “Primark Haul

  1. This is a great haul! I brought a couple of the primark brushes a few weeks back and they’re actually pretty good, I don’t have the angled brush though so I will have to check it out x

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  2. I love Primark! Their slipper socks are the best, they’re so comfy and so cheap you can definitely justify the purchase! Love the cardi you picked out too, I’m sure it’ll keep you toasty warm on the sofa! Would be interested in seeing a review of the Primark brushes as I don’t own any and it’d be great to find out whether they’re worth a purchase!

    Abbey 😘

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    1. I bought 3 brushes and love them, really love them! I’ve used them every day since buying them and washed them twice so far and hardly any fall out. I am going to buy some more when I get paid and then I’ll do a proper review of them but so far I love them.
      I have also got so much wear out of the cardigan it’s so cosy, and the jumper is perfect for work with a shirt underneath. Xxxxxx


  3. I love Primark’s winter range. I’ve found quite a few pieces myself in there recently. I had been looking for a pair of black high-waisted jeans that weren’t too pricey and they were only Β£7 in Primark and fit me comfortably.

    I haven’t tried many beauty products from the store but I love the cosiness and fitting of their jumpers.

    So glad I came across your blog!

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    1. The jumpers are really nice wore one today and it was so warm!!
      I would never of gone for the brushes but I thought why not lol, I used two of them this morning and I love the angled one. Going to buy a few more and do a blog post I think. For Β£1.50 each they are brilliant and soft too xxxxxx


  4. “the weird kidney shaped thing” HA! That truly made me giggle. Love your little haul, I havent been to primark in a while so thats my aim by the end of the week. (I’ll be kicking myself after spending big lol) I love that double ended angled brush with the spooly, I have about 5 in backup in my draw as I love using the spooly side to brush my brows!! xx

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    1. I have wanted one with a spoolie for ages but wasn’t worth splashing out as have so many angled brow brushes and spoolies haha this one is good though.
      Haha I wasn’t sure how to describe it… writing at its best aye haha! xxxxx let me know what you get please πŸ™‚ I want to go back already! xxxx


  5. Those jumpers look so cosy, I always find a hit or miss!! Completely agree with slipping with slippers on, so dangerous!! ahhah Those brushes sound amazing!! I might have to pop in xox

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    1. Yeah def hit or miss, find that with their jeans too. I have a pair for upstairs and some for downstairs, a pain taking them on and off but I fell down the stairs a couple of years ago and fractured my coccyx adding to an existing issue so now I am paranoid lol xxxxxx


  6. Oh great haul! Those jumpers look so cute, I really need to upgrade my jumper collection so I’ll have to take a pop into Primark! I also really want to try those brushes, apparently their makeup range is good so I’m eager to try it all out

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer

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