Winter Warmer Pamper

When it gets cold there is nothing more I love than putting comfy clothes on and treating my mind and body to a much-needed pamper up. I suffer with chronic pain in my coccyx and when it’s particularly bad I need to relax and press the reset button as it does make me pretty stressed. Anyway that’s boring lol…

This is what I do from start to finish to make myself go from Stress Head to Zen Princess. It starts with me removing all jewellery and nail polish… because I love to start a fresh. I file my nails as they always need it. I then put a hair mask in my hair which is usually coconut oil, or I make a DYI hair mask with avocado, honey and olive oil. I am more than happy to do a post on my favourite ones if you’re interested.


I then remove my make up with the micellar water and then use the Emma Hardie cleansing balm. It is then time for exfoliation and a mask and at the moment I am loving the Byron Bay exfoliant and mask, I massage a bit into my damp face and rinse off, then apply another layer and leave this on for 20 minutes. I run a bath and use whatever I fancy that day, could be a lush bath bomb, or a bubble bath and this time I went for the Champneys Heavenly Bubble Bath and Salts. These are so lovely and really help me to relax, then I go ahead and relax and then before I get out I exfoliate. I then run the shower and wash my hair etc and I am currently using the Byron Bay Shampoo and Conditioner and rinse my face mask off.


When out of the bath I wrap my hair in an old t shirt, and complete the rest of my skincare routine which usually consists of a serum or facial oil, eye cream and moisturiser. But I will do a post on my updated skincare routine soon.

Once back in the haven of my bedroom I take my hair out the towel and apply the Dieci All in One Hair treatment, brush my hair through and dry it. I apply some hair oil and then straighten before moving on to my body moisturiser and this changes depending on my mood but this night I went for the Champneys Heavenly Days Relaxing Souffle. This goes with the Bubble bath so goes nicely after a bath.


Before I do my nails I get into clean Pjs, and spritz the Champneys Sleep Spray around and rub a bit of the temple balm onto my pulse points. This is also the time I try and drink a glass of water and take my Magnesium, which has really helped me the last 6 months with anxiety and pain management.


I have a little basket of manicure and pedicure goodies so I get that out and start preening and prepping my nails and paint them. I do have an at home manicure and pedicure post so if you want to check them out please just type in ‘spa’ in the search bar to the right.

When I have had a pamper everything just feels calm and I feel at ease. I am usually watching something on Netflix but I try to stay off social media and not think about anything. Usually the day after a pamper I will fake tan just to spruce my mood a bit more and make me look a little less translucent and a bit healthier.

What do you do on a pamper evening? Let me know in the comments. XX

38 thoughts on “Winter Warmer Pamper

  1. That’s such a great routine, personally I always go for one of the lush fresh face masks or salt rub exfoliant and have a lush bathm – my skin is super sensitive to other bath brands so lush is the only one I can use really! I also love winding down with some Netflix too x

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    1. Netflix is the best! Lol.
      I usually go for Lush Bath products too but got so much other stuff for Christmas I thought I should give it a go. Love the Champneys stuff though now. I have never tried a Lush face mask, what one do you recommend? xxxx


    1. Not silly. If you remove your make up first and make sure your face is dry then get about a penny sized amount out and massage it into your skin and neck and even over your eyes (keep your eyes closed) then get a wet warm flannel and wipe it off…. feels divine. Can be used to take your make up off too πŸ™‚ xxxxxx


    1. I have coloured, damaged, frizzy, dry hair so I try and aim for anything that helps that or restores. I totally love the Garnier pot masks too if I don’t fancy making one. Also coconut oil and the DIY masks that have oil in I find I have to shampoo twice xxxx

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