LF Beauty Box – January

I get so excited each month waiting for my Look Fantastic Box and GlossyBox. LF Beauty box was first through the door this month and I was really chuffed with the contents.

I needed some new slanted tweezers so these came at the best time, and they’re rose gold so look nice too!Β 

I use this brow gel anyway so needed a back up. I want to try more Pixi products as I really like this. It doesn’t go hard or flakey it just helps set the brows into place.

Jelly Pong Pong is a brand I have heard of before and received some of their products in previous Beauty boxes. I think I have had he Fairy Lashes mascara before so was keen to give it a go. It is nice, and curled my lashes nicely. Very glossy finish too.

I always love a hair mask especially when it’s says don’t despair repair lol! My hair needs all the help it can get after years of bleaching. I do try and look after it now so can’t wait to use this on a pamper evening, I did smell it though and it smells a-mazing! Contains avocado, sweet almond and Argan oils along with hair essential vitamins.

Oddly enough I really wanted to try more of Nuxe skincare as I love their dry oil, so naturally couldn’t wait to try this so used it the same day and it’s so soothing! I will be buying the full size of this!

I thought I would leave this for last as it wasn’t my favourite item in the box, it’s nice and does what it claims to do. I popped a bit on my cheekbones and it highlights really nicely. Was a little wary as it’s pink and usually prefer a champagne highlight. But it’s the smell… it doesn’t smell offensive but it’s just not a smell I’m keen on. However the highlight is good enough for me to get through it.

I am in two minds whether to get the Birchbox as well as LF and GB boxes. Does anyone get BB and recommend it? X


46 thoughts on “LF Beauty Box – January

  1. Great post! I had a three month birchbox subscription and I enjoyed it most of the time. Some of the months are kinda let downs and other times they have some amazing stuff! I loved the Christmas birchbox, there were so many goodies. It’s worth trying out at least once x

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  2. This looks really great! I tend to stay away from makeup/ beauty subscription boxes because they can be really hit and miss but the products in this box looks great and have a really good selection x

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    1. Yeah thats what I think, when I first got them I ended up cancelling the subscriptions but they have definitely used their game the last year. The Look Fantastic one though hasn’t been a disappointment yet lol xxxxx


  3. The mascara is one of my favourites of all time, plus as it’s cruelty-free I’m so happy to see you received it in your box. I used to get all of these boxes but found I was throwing away more products received than using as a lot of what you get isn’t cruelty-free. So for me, I would ask you to look into The Vegan Kinds beauty box as it’s amazing and less than Β£20 a month. πŸŽ€πŸ’œπŸ’«βœ¨

    With love, Alisha Valerie. x
    http://www.AlishaValerie.com | http://www.twitter.com/AlishaValerie

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    1. I do like the mascara, not the best though! I really want to convert to cruelty free make up but my favourite things are MAC foundation and Benefit Mascara and my Nars bronzer just can’t find anything like them. I will look into that beauty box, I have 12 month subs to Look Fantastic and 6 month to Glossy box so will look into it when they expire. As I say I really want to learn how to be more cruelty free xxxxxxxx


  4. Pixi brow tamer is brill! Got it in my M&S calendar πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ You got a really good mix of things in your box! I’ve always been tempted by beauty boxes but never actually had a subscription to one. If they did Boxycharm in the U.K. I would 100% get that cause the contents are amazing every month!!! But sadly US only 😦

    Lovely post honey

    Izzy | http://www.ADoseOfChatter.com

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    1. Glossy box deliver to Europe I believe?? Try their website chick. I have luckily got good use out of most of the products I have been sent the last few months, if I know I won’t use a product I will give it to my mum or a friend πŸ™‚ xxxx


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