GlossyBox – January

Collected this months Glossy from the post office and I was like a kid at Christmas unwrapping it as soon as I got home haha. Was really excited for this one as it seems to be all natural products and I love anything natural.

I will get the sheet mask out the way first.. if this didn’t have Manuka Honey on the packaging I would of rolled my eyes and put it with the rest of the sheet masks I have haha but I actually wanted to try it and used it the same evening, it was nice, hasn’t made me love sheet masks but my skin was very hydrated after. 

I don’t get too excited by seeing moisturisers in my boxes, however, I have been trying the Nip & Fab exfoliating pads and they’re really nice so curious to see what this is like. It smells like Kale and Almond Milk, so smells like the green smoothies I make, so if I drink something that smells like it, it must be good for my face right? This has gone straight into my makeup draw for those days I need a bit more moisture before doing my make up. 

Unani Milk Cleanser, oddly enough I have been trying to stick to a routine of using certain products in the morning and evening so this put a spanner in the works. Think this will be a great second cleanse or morning cleanse but I used this once and just preferred my usual Cleanser so this has gone to a friend who likes using milk cleansers. 

Sticking to the skincare theme, I received this brush, I have the Clarisonic and a Foreo dupe and haven’t been using them lately. Even thinking about selling my Clarisonic as I’m quite sensitive these days, I have used a manual brush and just didn’t get on with so again this has gone to a friend who will use this. 

Lastly in the box was this cute little eyeshadow, I don’t have an eyeshadow this colour so quite excited about using it. Very Autumnal though so think I will get more use out of this in Autumn. 

Although this hasn’t been my favourite box this month I am glad my friend will get good out of the products instead of sitting in my back up section unused. These boxes are hit and miss and for me (my opinion only as I know a few people have LOVED this months box) here’s to next month! Lol. 



45 thoughts on “GlossyBox – January

  1. I stopped my Glossybox a few months ago as I was just getting loads of creams. That brush has been in the boxes before I’m sure! The eyeshadow is a lovely colour though 😊 xxx

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    1. Yeah I don’t know why they thought to send a face brush to anyone lol! At least my friend likes it though! Winning for her this month! Xxxxxx glad I finally found the spam folder. Thanking you for taking the time to comment xxxxxx


  2. This looks like a decent box! I love sheet masks so I would love to try that manuka honey one out. And I know what you mean about being hit or miss. I subbed to glossy box when it first came out but I cancelled after I was getting more misses than hits

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer

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  3. Omg how good is this months box?! Looks so interesting and I’d love to try all of those products. I might subscribe again! Lots of love, Debra-Bow xxx


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