What’s Going On?

What’s Going On?

I wasn’t sure I was going to do this but I have been asked why I haven’t been blogging so much. It isn’t because I can’t be bothered. I love blogging, sharing my thoughts and having an outlet to share what I think on products etc.

I have mentioned a couple of times about my back. In actual fact it isn’t my back but my Coccyx, I suffer with a condition called Coccydynia. I have had this since I gave birth to my son (I won’t go into too much detail) but my coccyx was damaged during labour, which is quite common but usually heals within 6 months.

Anyway since then I have had pain in my coccyx, which means pain when sitting… and going from sitting to standing and standing for an extended time. I have been having injections in my coccyx every 6 months since. I was booked in to have surgery July 2016 and after Googling what the operation meant, I cancelled. A year recovery of not being able to sit and a 50/50 chance for me that it could take my pain away. No way, looking after my son comes first and if I can’t sit for a few months its just a no go.

I had an injection last July and agreed with the surgeon to keep having those whilst looking at my other options. My surgeon retired so when it was time for my next injection I was told I had to go through the referral process with the prospect of no injection for up to another 6 months to a year because of waiting lists etc. I went to my doctor to start the process again (after A LOT of tears on the phone to the hospital) My doctor referred me urgently. In the meantime the pain got so intense the pain has now travelled down my left leg, into my hips so I can’t walk properly and into my lower back and shoulder. I have been on painkillers but again because I want to be able to look after my son I won’t take the strongest painkillers.

Sitting normally is a no go and can literally do it for a few minutes at a time, standing is the same although a lot easier than sitting. Cushions don’t work for me and some days I literally cry where its so painful. I have been signed off work for a little bit now and I do the nursery run (waddle) and lay down, with the occasional slow walk around so I don’t end up like a slob haha. I do have hospital on Friday though to discuss next steps. I am hoping I am not waiting too long for an injection or treatment.

Sorry for the long post but just wanted to explain why I haven’t been here as much. I do have a few posts I have written but if you have suffered with chronic pain you’ll know how much pain affects just about everything. You focus on the main things and everything else gets left behind and my number one priority is my little fella and partner. My energy goes to them and then I sleep once they’re asleep…. X

Glossy Box February 2017

Glossy Box February 2017

Of course the February GlossyBox was going to be Valentine based and this is a great box to get you ready for a date night! Really impressed with this box even though I haven’t tried all the products they will make the perfect addition to the valentine prep… I will be staying in with a dominoes haha.

Starting with the face this is a scrub/mask duo it claims to be a purifying youth potion… I’m up for that haha. This product is Vegan too. It smells really nice and fresh, not over powering with scent and it isn’t too harsh of a scrub so won’t destroy your face. Can’t wait to try this fully on my pamper evening this week.

Sticking with the pamper evening this is a honey hair mask by Ultimate Blends. I use their hair masks anyway and for the price they are amazing for dry damaged hair so can’t wait to give this one a go as haven’t seen the honey one before.

This is a Mememe highlighter called Beat the Blues, (think Benefit sunbeam) this is a really nice highlighter, subtle and not too in your face. I can see me using this a lot this spring!

Can never go wrong with Ciate Nail Polish in my opinion, and this colour is a perfect shade for a date night and for Spring.

This month’s star item has to be the perfume. Now if you don’t like Rose scented perfumes or anything you will HATE this, luckily for me I love anything Rose. It’s a really feminine scent and again be great for a romantic occasion.

Overall, I am over the moon with this month’s box. Sorry if the layout of this post is slightly off I am having to blog on my phone at the moment as unable to sit up and use my laptop. I will be doing a catch up post shortly on that. Lots of love X

February LF Beauty Box

February LF Beauty Box

This was quite a nice surprise being delivered when it was as wasn’t expecting it until Monday. Just a spoiler but this is a great box!! So far Look Fantastic BB hasn’t disappointed me!

First things first every month you get a little magazine which talks about the products from the box and their brands and other products. I always enjoy reading it. Also you get Elle magazine, I don’t buy Elle usually as I find it is full of adverts, but think this is a great touch!

These Catwalk Queen vitamins claim to aid healthy hair skin and nails, I haven’t started these yet as taking another vitamin. Once they’ve run out I will try these. They say to take 2 per day.

As mentioned before when I received skincare I don’t get that excited, I did try this straight away though and it’s good.. really good!! It doesn’t make your skin greasy but really hydrated, I was so impressed. I couldn’t find this on the Look Fantastic website though but I was so surprised to see how much it is from the The Ordinary website…. now sit down…under a fiver!! I was shocked and will definitly buy this when it runs low!

This eye roll on really intrigued me as it has Icy in the name, it certainly lives up to the icy feel! Instant cooling and helps to de puff those bags first thing in the morning. It claims to promote eyelash growth and I’m always up for a bit of that!

Now this was swatched on my hand quicker than I could say Model Co… it is very pigmented and I was convinced this was going to crease on the lid. I did a layer patted it out and added another layer. It didn’t crease although I could feel it on my eyes. Felt a little sticky, but the colour pay off is worth the sticky feeling if you can get past it.

If you’re not new here you’ll know how much I love a mud mask, what’s not to love?! I popped this on with a mask brush and put a lot on my face.. (I was going to insert a picture but decided against it haha) this was a very generous sample as I applied it to my face and my other halves and there was still enough left for me to have another faces worth! We left it on for 10 minutes and rinsed off with warm water and our skin looked a lot clearer and fresh! The pores on my nose were almost invisible! Again I couldn’t find this on the Look Fantastic website or anywhere so not sure how much the full size is.

I love anything that claims to de stress or aids relaxation. I’m all for relaxing and de stressing. I love that this is a mini size perfect for your pocket or handbag. It smells very spa esk and being at a spa is the most relaxing thing I can think of. This was a life saver this week as been very stressed out with the pain I have been in so very grateful for this mini Roll on.

Overall what a great box. I genuinely look forward to this box every month.

Do you get the Look Fantastic Beauty box? What did you think? X