Month: March 2017

Current MakeUp

Being off sick means I haven’t been slapping on the make up so much, which has been nice when it comes to removing it haha. I have been putting on the minimum to make me look half normal before the nursery run.

After doing my usual skincare I have been applying either L’Oreal True Match or the MAC Studio Fix Fluid with my Real Techniques buffing brush, then applying the Rimmel Match Perfection concealer under my eyes and chin and buffing that in.

Popping on a bit of the bronzer from the Sleek face form palette and a smidge of blush. I haven’t been bothered with highlight … because.. why! Doing nursery drop off where no one would notice and coming home to watch Jeremy Kyle is just a waste of highlight.

Whack on some Clinique mascara…. and a bit of brow pencil so it looks like I have some and I am done… I then put on some lip balm. Lips have been so dry lately it’s driving me insane! Lip balm recommendations would be amazing 🙂 x

Grow Gorgeous Hair Mask

I love any form of mask, hair, face or foot… you name it I love it. I spotted this in Boots and it was on offer so had to grab it. It smells really nice. I slathered it on as per the instructions and left it on for about half an hour. It recommends you put it on and sleep with it in your hair but washing my hair in the mornings is an absolute no go as I have the nursery run haha. I rinsed it off and shampoo and conditioned as normal. My hair was so smooth, noticeably more manageable.

I did notice after styling etc my hair felt a little greasy at the roots. It might have been a coincidence but I put it down to me putting too much mask on and not washing it out properly. I used the mask again and put it just on the ends and left it for around 5 hours as put it on in the morning and washed out later, again my hair was smooth and less tangled. I think using this on just my ends is the way to go!! Will last longer too.

Have you tried the Grow Gorgeous range? X

Current Skincare Routine 

I have been mixing my skincare up a lot the last couple of months. 

In the morning I use my cleanse and polish, I find this wakes me up and just helps me start the day in the right way, I follow up with the skin boost tonic, a spritz of the Nuxe dry oil, finish the skin with the LE day moisturiser and I pop on some Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream on my lips. 

In the evenings it gets a little more involved as have a little more time on my hands and my little lad is usually in bed and not asking for more toothpaste…or trying to put things down the toilet haha.

I use Micellar water first and foremost to remove the bulk of my make up, I class this as my first cleanse. I get a bit of the Emma Hardie cleansing balm and massage this over my face and neck, this smells incredible, I can’t imagine my life without this now. If I am not doing a mask or scrub I go ahead with the Pixi Glow Tonic, a new addition to my skincare routine as it was recommended by a good friend, this is great and gives my face a nice little tingle. I then apply some eye cream and at the moment I am using the Liz Earle Superskin eye cream. I then take either my Nuxe oil or Liz Earle Superskin facial oil and a drop of lavender oil and massage into my face and neck. Depending on how my skin feels I finish with the LE moisturiser… apply Nuxe lip balm and off to bed I trot.

I am not loyal to any particular face mask or scrub and like to mix them up. I have been enjoying the Frank Coffee face scrub lately though, smells like coffee and has a fine scrub so really nice on the skin. For a mask I have been using the L’Oreal Detox Clay Mask, I love how it sinks into my pores and it practically makes my pores invisible. I have also been using my Clarisonic once a week just to boost my skin. Been doing that for a couple of weeks now and my skin is smooth after and not red like it was when I used it before, have used the Byron Bay gel Cleanser with it too. Lush!!

What are your staple skincare products of the moment? X