May Look Fantastic Beauty Box

I am always so excited to open the LF Beauty box! I think this will be a subscription I carry on once its run out, although I do want to switch to a beauty box that is cruelty free. I know I have said in my Q&A MAC is my favourite make up brand but it is only because I haven’t found a foundation that is cruelty free that comes close. If you have recommendations for a CF beauty box please let me know. Anyway that said this is what I got in this months box……

Prepare yourself as this is a good one… I haven’t tried the products yet but so excited to try them and perhaps do individual reviews but these are my first impressions and thoughts.


I  was happy to see a scrub instead of another sheet mask haha…. this is the Scrub Love Hydrating Coconut oil body scrub!! Now I love coconut oil and I love a scrub, I am really excited to try this as it claims to be deeply penetrating, skin brightening and anti oxidant rich.


This had me with Quick Treat, It is an innovative microfibres.. I assume a cloth… it claims to remove make up with only water… I am not sure whether to save this for the wedding night… I am hoping the Prosecco would of flowed and I won’t be bothered to cleanse and tone etc.


Nu Face Prep and Glow, there was nothing about this in the magazine so a little confused to what this is. It says it cleanses, exfoliates and hydrates. It says it is a textured cleansing cloth, so quite keen to try this. Again I may save this for the wedding night as I will have a lot of make up on.


Mellow Baked Eyeshadow, if you saw my eyeshadow post you will see this colour is right up my alley!! Looking forward to trying this and think it could possibly double up as a highlighter.


Real Chemistry Luminous 3 minute peel, bit nervous about trying this as smells like those little shower gels you get in hotels, but it says to massage into the face for 2-3 minutes and dead skin will come off on your hands… sounds disgusting yet satisfying!


James Read Gradual Tan H2O mist, this is like a face spritzer but also gives you a gradual tan! Genius idea.. just hope it doesn’t go on patchy! Will definitely keep you up to date on this one.


System Professional Solar Sun Oil, this is a luxurious hair protection oil, this is really interesting as always so worried in the sun that my hair will get more damaged, I lather on the SPF but my poor hair is left to the elements… I am not a hat person so think this will be ideal for summer.

I am certainly happy with this months box!! I need to collect my Glossybox and see how it compares this month. XOXO

21 thoughts on “May Look Fantastic Beauty Box

  1. This post is amazing! I haven’t had a subscription box for a while now but I love the look of the items in this one. Especially the scrub?! It looks so good!! You’ll have to keep us updated how you get on with those products xxxxx

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  2. There are some lovely products here. I’ve never bought a beauty box as I’m never sure which one to go for. There are quite a lot of things here I’ve never heard of so it would be interesting to try new things.

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  3. Seeing what everyone gets in their subscription boxes is always fun, I feel like I’m opening the box up myself hehe! If I see any posts on good CF foundations, I will certainly send them your way! I am cruelty free when it comes to makeup but I don’t wear foundation so I’m no help there haha! That quick treat looks ideal, I’m sure it’ll be perfect for the wedding night!

    Abbey πŸ’–

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