May Glossy Box

I always feel every month its a battle of the boxes between GB and LF boxes. I didn’t post about the April Glossy box last month, there were some good products but I just didn’t want to post about it but this month I wanted to share my thoughts.

If you saw my Look Fantastic May review, then you’d know I got this product, Scrub Love, but a different scent.. this is Cucumber and Bamboo, is activated charcoal, and claims to be cleansing, purifying and detoxifying. I love love love the coconut and cranberry one so I have high hopes for this too.

-417 foot nourishing cream, I love a foot cream and this smells super nice and not the traditional foot cream smell. Looking forward to using this next time I do a pedicure on myself (due one just before the wedding haha)

PawPaw Original Balm, I have seen this on various blog posts, videos and tweets so really happy this is in this month’s box. I used it on my lips straight away and made them so soft! It says it can be used for the lips, skin, hair and nails etc. It’s also fragrance free. This is an awesome sized sample too.

Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy diamond top coat…. I always need a top coat so will get use out of this. Hopefully it’ll be good to help with chipping.

And last but not least Ruby Blush, there’s no shade name on this but says Coral on the leaflet inside the box, it’s a matte peach which makes a nice change from the shimmery peaches I own. It’s quite chalky but pigmented.

So overall, it’s not a bad box! XO


18 thoughts on “May Glossy Box

  1. I have seen the Paw Paw products everywhere too and I’m so intrigued to try them! Every review I’ve read has been so positive! Great to get another scrub as well, you can never have too many! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    Abbey 💗


    1. Haha! I sometimes cave and search the hashtag on Instagram to see what people have got… not one for surprises lol. the scrub is incredible it is dry but once massaged in with a bit of water it goes a little oily. its perfect and definitely going to be my go to!! xxxxxxx


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