Pick Me Up/Pamper Night

Pick Me Up/Pamper Night


I know I’m not alone when I need those nights where you just lounge/soak/veg… well this was one of those nights so I thought I would share what it is I do with you….

First of… I should start by saying I was so tired from lack of sleep as my little lad was so hot in the weather he didn’t sleep… then I spent the whole day in pain with my coccyx and doing my wifely duties (haha I know… I didn’t do the last one)

I started off by running a bath, grabbing Lush Twilight and plopping that in the bath. I took my make up off and chucked my favourite Elemis Lavender Repair Mask on my chin and put some eye masks on. 

I didn’t need to wash my hair this night or do my nails so I could proper chill in the bath and watch PLL… (literally just started and now hooked!)

I always find having an exfoliate and shave makes me feel like my life is pieced together. Once out the bath I rinsed my mask off and finished my skincare routine.

I then made sure I moisturised EVERYWHERE, I have been loving my Champneys Relaxing Lavender body soufflé, it’s so comforting and lightly scented. I put on some clean pjs, grabbed a blanket. James had settled Jake so we snuggled up in bed and watched the rest of Riverdale… I just waited for him to drift off so I could put PLL back on 😂

What do you do when you’re in need of a pamper? Always looking for new ways to relax. XOXO

Superdrug Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser

Superdrug Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser

I have seen reviews on this hot cloth cleanser a few times and because I am so dedicated to my Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish I just never went and bought it. Well I finally bought it after Debra Bow did a review and I really don’t regret it. The first point I should make is the Superdrug hot cloth cleanser was £4.99 for 200ml compared to the LE C&P which is £28 for 200ml… I thought why not give it a go!

The smell is totally different but I find the texture the same. The smell of the vitamin E one is so delicate it’s great for those days you don’t fancy any fragrances around. I find it isn’t as strong as the cleanse and polish, if I get distracted by my lad half way through cleaning my face with Liz Earle my face will be red, that’s if I leave it on for a minute or so!

In terms of make up removal I do find I need to use an eye make up remover with the vitamin E one but not with Liz Earle. My skin feels so smooth after using this though and although I need to remove my eye make up I generally do anyway as don’t like mascara all over my face. I think once I have used my Liz Earle one up I will just buy the Superdrug one, I can’t justify spending an extra £23 on a cleanser I can get for £5 which in my opinion is just as good.. and some places better!

If you have used this cleanser I want to hear what you think 🙂 XO

Elemis Herbal Lavender Repair Mask 

Elemis Herbal Lavender Repair Mask 

I am going to start with… Wow… I absolutely love this face mask. It’s a pricey mask at £31. I first used this in January at a spa and I was hooked.

This is a creamy texture and goes on really smoothly. I only use a thin layer as my skin is a little sensitive at times. It contains Lavender which I find really helps calm my skin when it’s a bit angry and hormonal.

Of course it being lavender it’s really relaxing and I love using this just before getting in the bath or before bed, finish off with some facial oil and I’m all set for bed. It’s also great if I have an extra 20 minutes in the morning if I have woken up with some beasts haha.

If you are in a treat yo’ self mood definitely give this a go 🙂 xo

Our Wedding Day

Our Wedding Day

Writing the title of this post still gives me butterflies, I can’t quite believe we are actually married. J and I met when we were 16 when we worked in a sandwich shop together. A few years later we got in touch again! Now 7 years later we have a 4 year old and a mortgage. 

Here are a few pictures from the day… I’ll stop rambling haha. 

I wanted to put all 259 in haha but I thought I would just do 17! XOXO

My Bridal Makeup

My Bridal Makeup

So… I am now officially married, I am a Mrs! I thought I would share what products I wore on my face on my wedding day. I did my makeup myself as I don’t like anyone else touching my face (unless its a facial!)

I started with having clean and moisturised skin, I then used the L’Oreal Infallible primer, I let this set for 10 minutes. I used MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC20, I trust this foundation and know it lasts.

The concealer I went for on the day was the MAC Studio Finish in NC20, this stays put and doesn’t crease under the eyes.

To finish the base I used the Rimmel powder, this is amazing!! I used this for touchups during the day too and it really helped to keep everything in place and didn’t cake one bit.

The bronzer/contour I chose was Nars Laguna, this is my favourite and I couldn’t imagine using anything else on my wedding day. I used Benefit Benetint on my cheeks as a tint, this lasts longer than a blusher and doesn’t have any shimmer in.

In my brows I used the MAC Brow Duo in blonde with the Tropic stencil, and fixed it with the Pixi brow gel. Brows was the one thing I was really worried about with my wedding make up, I didn’t want to look too much but also didn’t want to look like I hadn’t touched them so the girlies on the morning helped me with those.

On my eyes I went for the Too Faced Natural Eyes palette, I just love this and know the shades look nice. I started with putting Heaven all over, and blended Nude into the crease, and a mixture of Silk Teddy and HoneyPot to the lid. I then ran Sexspresso along the top lash line and a smidge of Nude along the bottom lash line. Mascara I used was the L’Oreal Miss Baby Roll in black… and Waterproof obviously, I love this mascara and as I don’t like false eyelashes I really didn’t need them with this mascara.

On the lips I used MAC Creme Cup, although this isn’t the most boldest colour I felt safe and I wanted ‘something’ there. I did forget to keep touching it up though haha.

To completely finish the look I used Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray – this stuff does not get enough praise it is incredible!! And well worth the money in my opinion.

Phew…. I feel like I have been writing forever…and you probably noticed I didn’t clean any of the make up before taking photos…I used most of it seconds before taking the pictures haha. Hope you enjoyed this…! XO