Pick Me Up/Pamper Night


I know I’m not alone when I need those nights where you just lounge/soak/veg… well this was one of those nights so I thought I would share what it is I do with you….

First of… I should start by saying I was so tired from lack of sleep as my little lad was so hot in the weather he didn’t sleep… then I spent the whole day in pain with my coccyx and doing my wifely duties (haha I know… I didn’t do the last one)

I started off by running a bath, grabbing Lush Twilight and plopping that in the bath. I took my make up off and chucked my favourite Elemis Lavender Repair Mask on my chin and put some eye masks on.Β 

I didn’t need to wash my hair this night or do my nails so I could proper chill in the bath and watch PLL… (literally just started and now hooked!)

I always find having an exfoliate and shave makes me feel like my life is pieced together. Once out the bath I rinsed my mask off and finished my skincare routine.

I then made sure I moisturised EVERYWHERE, I have been loving my Champneys Relaxing Lavender body soufflΓ©, it’s so comforting and lightly scented. I put on some clean pjs, grabbed a blanket. James had settled Jake so we snuggled up in bed and watched the rest of Riverdale… I just waited for him to drift off so I could put PLL back on πŸ˜‚

What do you do when you’re in need of a pamper? Always looking for new ways to relax. XOXO

25 thoughts on “Pick Me Up/Pamper Night

  1. When I’m in the mood for a pamper I light some candles, put the radio on, shut the curtains and go wild with a cocounut hair mask, face mask, I epilate to within an inch of my life and then sing my heart out to empowering songs haha!
    Holly xx

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  2. I’m in desperate need of a pamper night! Yours sounds like absolute bliss! Watching TV / Netflix in the bath is a big part of my pampering as well, because it encourages me just to switch off my brain a little and get immersed in another world! Your Lavender body souffle sounds just divine!

    Abbey πŸ‘‘ http://www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

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  3. I love hearing about your evening’s and pick me ups! Pamper nights are the best, totally looking forward to being able to have a girly pamper night together soon! xxxxx

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  4. This sound perfect I could really do with a pamper night! And I agree I feel like I have my life together once I have a shave and a moisture haha x

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