Dear Mum 

Only felt right that my 100th post that was due to go live on my mums birthday should be all about her.. after all mum is the first one to read my posts! So here is an open letter to my incredible mum!

Dear Mum, here is a blog post all about YOU! Happy birthday, although you’re sunning yourself in Tenerife (again haha) so I know you’ll have a great day… even though you’re not with your favourite. It’s ok… I know… I think deep down Kev knows too (jokes…sort of).

These are the reasons why I love you –

  • You are always here – always and I love it. You might think you over stay your welcome but you never do and never can.
  • Your hugs just seem to fix everything, like magic… or is it actually magic?!
  • You’re not only the best mum but the best Nan… ever!
  • You look after my amazing dad!!
  • We think the same, I love how we can be anywhere and with one look just know what each other are thinking. Whether that’s something funny or something sad… you just know.
  • How you’re always cutting something out… cough… like salt… haha!!
  • Your driving… just leaving that one there!
  • You always think of everything… apart from the time you got rid of the bath… then regretted it.. didn’t quite think that one through did you lovey.
  • You worry, although this is something I would change and you relax a little. I love how you worry but tell me not to worry. And vice versa… such a great team lol!
  • You are so generous not only with things, food, money but your time. Which means more than anything.
  • Our spa days… the memories of just everything we do. We laugh so much and I love that more than anything.
  • You like my friends… you get on with my friends just as much as I do.. that’s amazing.

The one thing I wish I could change is for you to be more sure on yourself. You doubt everything and it makes me sad that you don’t see what everyone else sees. From asking if you look ok to your house is a mess comment. Which it never is and you always look perfect.

I could ramble forever but I won’t.. because you have some sunbathing to do, but I love you, you’re my best friend. Sounds a bit cliche but I really mean it.

PS. You have no idea how hard it was not to use some of the classic photos I have but I thought you’d disown me haha!!



16 thoughts on “Dear Mum 

  1. Aw Lucy! Sending the biggest birthday wishes to your wonderful Mum! She sounds incredibly supportive and it’s lovely to see that you have such a close relationship! I hope your Mum takes some time to relax and enjoy herself on her birthday, sounds like she thoroughly deserves it! You’re a total sweetheart for writing this post!

    Abbey 👑

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  2. This is such a sweet and loving post towards your mum! I hope she has an amazing day and such a heartwarming post for your 100th blog post xx

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿

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  3. Aww this is a lovely post and I hope your mum enjoys being the centre of attention. Congratulations on 100 posts and I hope your mum had a fabulous birthday. She sounds like a lovely lady.

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  4. I read this the day you published it and just admired it so much, the relationship you and your mum have is so beautiful… I’ve heard it from a different view as well with you talking to me in daily conversations and its just lovely to hear such a nice relationship. She sounds like an incredible lady and I can’t wait to meet her one day!

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