August Goals 

Just a quick post today, mainly want to write these down so if I don’t stick to them I have the shame of updating you all.

I wanted to set some goals, after a really crappy July I wanted to push myself to get back to being healthy (ish) I am not saying I will be going to the gym and having green smoothies every morning because I never stick to that.

  • Drink more water – cliche but an important one! Going to try and just drink water… and tea… I am not giving up tea!
  • Move more – again a classic for these goal posts right? However, with what happened last month and with my ongoing coccyx condition some days are harder than others. I am going to aim to walk a little every day, working my way up again.
  • Eat less chocolate and the naughty stuff – Chocolate gives me migraines and breakouts.. surely this should be enough to put me off eating it.
  • Be more organised when it comes to blogging – I am aiming to post every Wednesday and Sunday. (Hope no one fell off their seat then reading that!!)
  • Be more active on Twitter – I am quite active in general but I don’t promote my blog as much as I see others doing so feel I should a bit more.
  • Meal plan a bit better and stick to it. I try to write a meal plan and buy the shopping according to that but we always end up changing our minds and sometimes food goes to waste which I hate.
  • Get more fruit and vegetables in me, I am not too bad but I don’t get my 5 a day in a normal day unless I have the motivation to make a smoothie and eat a salad for dinner. I should be more conscious about what I eat as I am with Jacob.
  • NOT SPEND… I left this one for last because… it will be the hardest. I am a sucker for a trip to Boots… but I am really trying not to spend this month, I have enough skincare and make up to get me through until Christmas… If I do well this month by not spending it may extend further….

Wish me luck…. I will update beginning of September… XO

24 thoughts on “August Goals 

  1. Good luck with all your goals! The last one is a really hard one probably for most of women! Not spending money or spending less money-my every day struggle 😛

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      1. When it comes to chocolate I can`t resist but no worries you have still many days to achieve your goals 🙂 Don`t worry if not, there is always September after August 😛

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  2. Good luck with you goals Hun!
    I could definitely give up the chocolate too, I’ve just done 3 months on a spending ban and seriously it’s amazing how much you save and I also don’t have time to go to boots though I’m out of a few things now so I have an excuse!

    Love Tania

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  3. Best of luck with your goals Lucy, you’ve got this!! I definitely need to be more active on Twitter, I just keep getting sidetracked recently and my engagement plummets, gotta get it back hehe! Spending bans are so tricky but think how great you’ll feel when you see that number in your bank balance only increasing! Giving up the choccie would be impossible for me, I have such a sweet tooth! If you are successful, you need to share your secrets with me hehe!

    Abbey 🎀

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  4. We have a lot of the same goals! I’ve been trying to drink more water be more active and luckily the gym helps with that. I hope you’re able to achieve everything you want x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿

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  5. Good luck with everything… although I may have been a reason why your spending ban was broken with the serum foundation by the ordinary (bargain though, right?) I think you have some brilliant goals and all so achievable! Go you! xoxox

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