Thoughts I Had When Rewatching Twilight Part 1 & 2

For the purpose of this post I HAD to watch these 2 about 3 times… no joke, I love the films. My nan got me into them around 2010 and I was hooked. That was until I watched Vampire Diaries and a whole new vampire was born for me.

Anyway I decided to rewatch these films and share my thoughts.

Part 1 – First thing I thought when watching was how annoying is Bella?! Seriously… this one man is her whole life, no consideration for her mum and dad whatsoever. Might just be because I am a parent now but if my child was this obsessed over a guy I would probably stage an intervention. I mean come on… in one of the others she goes into shock like state when Edward leaves… Do what anyone else would do, go out with the girls and have sex with the other lad that was interested! And lets face it, Jacob is hot.

Talking of annoying why would Edward leave it until the night before the wedding to confess his past, talk about leaving it late…. And not being funny but if I was her I would be a little interested in the murderous past of my husband to be. Also her parents seem a little too chill about their 18 year old getting married. Even when I told my mum and dad James and I were getting married they asked if we were sure and we had a mortgage, A CHILD and had been together almost 7 years haha!!

Anyway the rest of the film doesn’t really bug me although I don’t really get the timescale and why does Charlie just trust the Cullens that Bella is ok? If my son rung me and said he was staying away somewhere I would be there so quick! But anywho…

Part 2 – Right where do I start?! She wakes up and of course her first thought is bloody Edward!!!! I would wake up and be like… RIGHT where is my miracle daughter that I fought so hard to give birth to. I mean I wake up at 3am and my first thought is my lad… let alone after turning into a vampire. THEN she realises Oh shit I have a daughter… and Edward wants her to go and hunt which of course she does like a pro because… well its Bella… She wanders home all barefoot and slow (I would be rushing back to meet my daughter.. but hey maybe its just me) to make things worse she chats to Jacob… GO AND SEE YOUR DAUGHTER!! She holds the odd looking computerised child for about 30 seconds before dragging Jacob out like a dog because he imprinted on her… so another person to protect her child and she beats him up… nice.

Before I go on anymore about that, they then show her the cottage all kitted out, she doesn’t need to worry about waving elbows at home bargains to get the floor lamp its all done and does she say thank you? NO! Edward is more concerned about getting her naked and then they have whatever that was… errr guys… not being funny but you have a newborn daughter why not go and spend some time with her. Oh no wait you’re going to lay there and discuss how are you ever going to stop having sex…. Erm guys… your daughter? Charlie looks pissed off with the situation but is he really? He gives in pretty quick… Oh I just saw a man turn into a wolf, oh my daughter looks different and is cold…and they have a daughter that grows super quick. Thats normal… lets talk about Christmas. *eyeroll*

Wow I am sorry this post is long but I needed to vent this. The fight is epic and I love it the whole scene its amazing. When Carlisle dies and they all run…. GO ON GUYS!! That all works out well and they all get back to being happy.. but do Jacob and Renesmee end up together? I am not sure if thats weird or not? DO they have kids??? What happens then do we have a Hybrid type situation from VD going on?? I mean so many unanswered questions.

Have you seen these films?? What do you think? XO

24 thoughts on “Thoughts I Had When Rewatching Twilight Part 1 & 2

  1. I haven’t seen the twilight films in so long that this has me dying to watch them again! I always thought that the wake up seen was weird like clearly you’d want to see your child first?

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿

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  2. If I’m honest, Bella is the most irritating fictional character’s I have ever watched. I couldn’t agree with a post EVER.

    Although, I am totally team Jacob but could be swayed to Team Emmett VERY easily, if you know what I mean! xxxxx

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  3. I absolutely love the fact that it was your Nan who got you into these films! Bless her! I used to be obsessed with the books, I read the first one over and over, but Kirsten Stewart the actress who played Bella annoyed me so much that I only ever watched the first instalment of the movies! I did like Taylor Lautner as Jacob though, agreed that he is HOT! I would’ve dumped Edward so fast for Jacob hahaha! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, this was a really unique post and I loved it!

    Abbey ✨

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