How did my August Goals go? 

Ok… Not going to lie I was pretty ashamed to sit down and start writing this post, but the whole point of putting my August goes up was to stick to them… Yeah lets see how I did….

  • Drink more water – I didn’t drink masses amount of water but I did drink more than I usually do.. mainly squash though as just find it so hard to guzzle water.
  • Move more – No… I didnt…. My coccyx was quite bad so ended up sticking to just doing my pelvic floor, with the coccyx pain I get hip pain too which was worse than normal so I haven’t walked much apart from round the park with Jakey.
  • Eat less chocolate and the naughty stuff – Next….
  • Be more organised when it comes to blogging – I said that I would post every Wednesday and Sunday, however, I think once a week is enough for now.
  • Be more active on Twitter – I have chatted to my friends and retweeted memes does that count?
  • Meal plan a bit better and stick to it – I have been doing this, although did go over budget… oops
  • Get more fruit and vegetables in me – I have been eating more fruit and my normal veg, haven’t really upped it though.

So I didnt do too well, I feel like August wasnt the best month to try a new improved lifestyle after such a crappy July. I also dislike Summer so I tend to strop about a bit haha.

Did you have any goals? Did you do better than me?? LOL.


15 thoughts on “How did my August Goals go? 

  1. Oh lovely! I don’t think you did too bad to be honest! August is a pretty pants month-unless your smart enough to book a holiday! I hope your back gets better soon! And lets face it we call could drink more water.

    Em xxx

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  2. I mean, you were honest and thats all that matters right?! Also you didn’t do too bad Lucy! Some of these things you couldn’t help, especially like being more active when you’ve got to put yourself first and think about your coccyx pain! Also, may have been part of your breaking the spending ban so can’t comment on that… whoops! hehehe. Great post lovely xxxx

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  3. You did really well with most of your goals, I normally over spend a little when it comes to food for meal prep too, budgets tend to go out the window x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿

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  4. I am so sorry about your pain! It doesn’t matter that you didn’t achieve them all, you managed to achieve most of them and that’s all that matters. Did drinking more water make any difference? I am rubbish at drinking anything and I know I should but never do! So bad xx

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