Fudge Toning Shampoo 

I love me a silverising shampoo, I used the Provoke silver shampoo for years… YEARS, however I noticed my hair was so dry after using it and would have to deep condition more after using it. I decided to pick this toner up when I bought the Make-a-mends shampoo and conditioner (still so in love with that!!)

This is brilliant though, I didnt include it with my Fudge Haircare post as I hadn’t given it a good enough test. Now I have and it is so good. Not only smells amazing but it is moisturising which is incredible for a toner. I leave this on for 3 minutes as notice my hair goes a little silver if I leave it on any longer. I use this all over including my roots, even though I have like a balayage type style so my natural hair colour is at the root. I find this shampoo blends and helps the transition to the highlights.

I use this once a week usually when I have my weekly pamper, feels like a treat not a chore with this toner. It is quite messy if you’re not careful and it is important to wash it out until the water runs clear.

Have you tried this toner? Or do you use one that you would recommend?? XO


13 thoughts on “Fudge Toning Shampoo 

  1. Ah Lucy! Where has this been whilst I’ve been blonde! Silver toners have honestly been the bane of my life for over a year. And this product seems to be amazing! All silver toners are messy and I’ve dyed many of my mums shower curtains blue trying to get the perfect silver tinge. Whoops. I love this post and will definitely keep an eye out for this product if I ever go blonde again.
    Emmajaderamselll.wordpress.com xxx

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  2. This sounds really good. Obviously I have really dark hair so don’t use products like these but in the past I did go blonde-ish and wish I knew about products like this before. If I ever decide to make a dramatic change, including possibly going ombre? (what do you think?) I’ll be sure to try it!

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