A Catch Up 

Another catch up…. I haven’t posted since the 15th October, I have been doing so much! Went back to work for a couple of weeks, been doing nails and met some lovely ladies whilst doing that! Also we had an awesome half term!!! Did so much and really spent some quality time together as a family as James was off too.

Anxiety has been a bit pants and little Jake has been unwell with a chest infection. He is all good now though and hopefully getting somewhere with the doctors. They have been amazing with my little man though and couldn’t fault them.

I have also completed my lash and brow course, which is super exciting. I am planning to learn Indian head massage which I thought would be a nice extra to add to a facial. I am so lucky I have been able to leave my job to do what I really love doing and I am so grateful for that.

I seriously thought about doing Blogmas but I just don’t think I have the brain space haha. It being the 1st December and all ready for Christmas it’s now time to finish writing cards, wrapping presents, Christmas crafts, mince pies and Christmas films. So I will be publishing posts but not every day.

Hope you have all been well! What have you been up to?


14 thoughts on “A Catch Up 

  1. WELCOME BACK LUCY! I’m so happy you’re back, I’ve always said to blogger friends to not apologise when they need a break or can’t post for a while because this is something that we started off because we enjoy blogging and there should never be a need to apologise for living our own lives.
    I’m so proud of you for accomplishing everything that you have with your little beauty business, you’re branching off so much and its incredible. I can’t wait to have a pamper session with you 🙂 xxxxxxx

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    1. Thank you Kristy!! It was nerve wracking I won’t lie haha especially the practical.
      I’m so glad Jake is feeling better too I hate it when he’s poorly. He’s running around downstairs at the moment after having his advent chocolate at the moment hah! Xxxxxxx


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