My Favourite Christmas Jumpers

I did share some of my Christmas jumpers last year but these are this years favourites… yes some same as last year but whatevs…. I love a Christmas jumper and if I’m honest I would wear one all year round, or perhaps a Christmas dress in summer because it’s hot but you get the idea… I love them.

Anywho here they are….

Some of these I’ve had for year and some are new additions!! My favourite has to be the Avocado one which is from H&M, I have loved avocados forever… even before they were “cool” shocking huh?

I would love to have some more Christmas jumpers, where is your favourite place to buy them? XO

16 thoughts on “My Favourite Christmas Jumpers

  1. I loved reading this Lucy, and the Christmas jumper with the bobbles shaped like a tree is just brilliant. I could definitely wear a Christmas jumper all year round too haha. xx

    Kristy |

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  2. I don’t think you can go wrong with a Christmas jumper. And it definitely comes to no surprise to me that you have a bit of a collection. I just adore the AVO MERRY CHRISTMAS jumper! It gives me all the feels.

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