No7 Hydration Mask

I got a set in the Boots sale, it came with the limited edition rose gold no7 cleansing brush, as you know the lovely Debra Bow gifted me the original No7 brush so this set was a no brainer for me!! It came with the No7 gel cleanser which is great and have used on and off for a long time. But today I want to talk about the hydration mask.

I was quite skeptical, it is like a gel and for me I usually love more of a creamy texture in a hydration type mask. However, this mask surprised me. As you can see in the bottle it is a mixture of a few textures and these blend together. I cleanse and pat my face dry and apply a generous amount of this mask. It doesn’t smell over the top or anything which is nice and its lovely to massage in after leaving it on for 15 minutes, I then wash it off with a face cloth.

My skin is so super soft after using this, I do sometimes apply a mud mask to my t zone and then this mask around my face. I have used it 4 times now and I have really noticed the difference in my skin, in Winter I usually feel quite tight around the chin and nose but nope… zilch!

Have you tried this mask? What did you think? XO

13 thoughts on “No7 Hydration Mask

  1. I have never tried a mask with a gel consistency before, in fact I didn’t even know that they existed! Like you I am usually a creamy mask fan, although I do love a good mud mask occasionally! this sounds like it’s really worth a try though, especially if it got rid of any winter tightness around your skin, I experienced that quite a lot too! Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts!

    Abbey xx

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  2. I’m so glad you still love the brush I sent to you babe, you’ll have to tell me your favourite products to use with it so I can change up what I use. Other than that, I’ve not tried anything else from No7 but this mask looks fantastic. You know me, I love a good face mask! Great post xxxxxxx

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