Soap and Glory Righteous Butter Shower Cream

A couple of months ago someone said to me… who uses Soap and Glory these days, and I was quite shocked, although my stash from Christmas had been run down nicely I felt super guilty I hadn’t bought anything for awhile. I popped into Boots and for the Spa Wonder set on offer, in the pack was a lipgloss, a mini of the face wash I use, Righteous Body butter (amaze!), A little shower gel (Sugar Crush) and the righteous butter shower cream that says it is a 3 in 1… shave, cleanse and moisturise. I couldn’t wait to use it.

It has the classic packaging and best of all… the classic original scent of soap and glory. My husband even recognised it, I find the scent such a comfort too.

Anywho.. It is thick in consistency, and applied to the skin it lathers slightly. They really didn’t lie when they said it is great for shaving, just wow. My razor glided nicely and my skin was so friggin smooth I couldn’t stop rubbing them!!! I didn’t have to moisturise after the bath but I did anyway and it just topped it off perfectly.

This tube has lasted awhile but I did buy a back up because I don’t ever want to run out. I couldn’t find it in Boots to buy alone so bought another Spa Wonder gift set (thats how much I needed a back up) I hope when it comes to repurchasing it will be easier to find!

Have you used this? Do you love Soap and Glory too? XO

17 thoughts on “Soap and Glory Righteous Butter Shower Cream

  1. Wow, this stuff sounds absolutely divine! The smell of comfort that you describe sounds incredible! Anything that makes shaving into a smooth and trouble-free experience is something that I need in my life! I have never purchased from Soap and Glory before, although I am now super talented to pick up the gift set that you mention here!

    Abbey xxx

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  2. I haven’t tried this stuff but it really does look amazing! My local boots has completely cut down all the S&G products they have and i’m so gutted about it! Definitely going to have to order this online though!

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  3. Ooh I love Soap and Glory products, some of their shower gels are my all-time favourites. This post has reminded me that when I actually finish the million I currently have I should pick up a Soap & Glory one xx

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