Thoughts I Had When Rewatching Twilight Part 1 & 2

Thoughts I Had When Rewatching Twilight Part 1 & 2

For the purpose of this post I HAD to watch these 2 about 3 times… no joke, I love the films. My nan got me into them around 2010 and I was hooked. That was until I watched Vampire Diaries and a whole new vampire was born for me.

Anyway I decided to rewatch these films and share my thoughts.

Part 1 – First thing I thought when watching was how annoying is Bella?! Seriously… this one man is her whole life, no consideration for her mum and dad whatsoever. Might just be because I am a parent now but if my child was this obsessed over a guy I would probably stage an intervention. I mean come on… in one of the others she goes into shock like state when Edward leaves… Do what anyone else would do, go out with the girls and have sex with the other lad that was interested! And lets face it, Jacob is hot.

Talking of annoying why would Edward leave it until the night before the wedding to confess his past, talk about leaving it late…. And not being funny but if I was her I would be a little interested in the murderous past of my husband to be. Also her parents seem a little too chill about their 18 year old getting married. Even when I told my mum and dad James and I were getting married they asked if we were sure and we had a mortgage, A CHILD and had been together almost 7 years haha!!

Anyway the rest of the film doesn’t really bug me although I don’t really get the timescale and why does Charlie just trust the Cullens that Bella is ok? If my son rung me and said he was staying away somewhere I would be there so quick! But anywho…

Part 2 – Right where do I start?! She wakes up and of course her first thought is bloody Edward!!!! I would wake up and be like… RIGHT where is my miracle daughter that I fought so hard to give birth to. I mean I wake up at 3am and my first thought is my lad… let alone after turning into a vampire. THEN she realises Oh shit I have a daughter… and Edward wants her to go and hunt which of course she does like a pro because… well its Bella… She wanders home all barefoot and slow (I would be rushing back to meet my daughter.. but hey maybe its just me) to make things worse she chats to Jacob… GO AND SEE YOUR DAUGHTER!! She holds the odd looking computerised child for about 30 seconds before dragging Jacob out like a dog because he imprinted on her… so another person to protect her child and she beats him up… nice.

Before I go on anymore about that, they then show her the cottage all kitted out, she doesn’t need to worry about waving elbows at home bargains to get the floor lamp its all done and does she say thank you? NO! Edward is more concerned about getting her naked and then they have whatever that was… errr guys… not being funny but you have a newborn daughter why not go and spend some time with her. Oh no wait you’re going to lay there and discuss how are you ever going to stop having sex…. Erm guys… your daughter? Charlie looks pissed off with the situation but is he really? He gives in pretty quick… Oh I just saw a man turn into a wolf, oh my daughter looks different and is cold…and they have a daughter that grows super quick. Thats normal… lets talk about Christmas. *eyeroll*

Wow I am sorry this post is long but I needed to vent this. The fight is epic and I love it the whole scene its amazing. When Carlisle dies and they all run…. GO ON GUYS!! That all works out well and they all get back to being happy.. but do Jacob and Renesmee end up together? I am not sure if thats weird or not? DO they have kids??? What happens then do we have a Hybrid type situation from VD going on?? I mean so many unanswered questions.

Have you seen these films?? What do you think? XO

Garner Skin Active Moisture Bomb Mask – Fatigued Skin 

Garner Skin Active Moisture Bomb Mask – Fatigued Skin 

I know I know I’ve always said I don’t like sheet masks but I have a confession I tried one a couple of weeks ago and thought it was alright. I didn’t mention it as I thought it was a fluke. My lovely friend Ellie popped over with a little care package and in it was this mask. I love Lavender and I am certainly feeling tired and my skin is looking it. 

I hopped in the bath (not literally as that’s dangerous) plopped a twilight bath bomb in and put this on my face. 

Once you peel the blue layer away it is really… I don’t want to say it… but moist. It’s moist. And slippy. I positioned it on my face and laid back… I usually try and potter about with these masks on and end up looking like something out of a scary film but I thoroughly enjoyed using this mask!! 

The mask claims to hydrate for one week… well it says… Super hydrating, de-tiring mask… Intensely rehydrates, reduces the appearance of fatigue and relaxes the senses. I must admit it did all those!! I looked and felt so much more relaxed and less tired after using this. 

Perhaps I’m officially converted to sheet masks…. shocking I know. XO 

Tea Tree Witch Hazel and Charcoal Boots Skincare Range

Tea Tree Witch Hazel and Charcoal Boots Skincare Range

I had seen a few reviews of this facial wash and I kept thinking I should try it out.

When I went into boots for cotton pads… I came out with these 3… and a few other bits (but ssshhh don’t tell James haha) I was really excited as I had tried the face mask before and liked it. I am loyal to my Elemis mask but I do like to dabble and try other masks. I like a good pore detox.

I have done this review slightly different as I want to give you my first impression and after using it for at least 2 weeks.

Facial Wash

First Impression – I oddly like the colour of this, it made my skin feel super clean. I used this with just my hands this time but I want to try it with the No7 cleansing brush (review on that soon). It smells pleasant enough too and it was a great second cleanse. It is really creamy and goes white/grey when massaged into the skin. Skin felt a little dry after but I can deal with that as my skin feels super clean! 

After 2 weeks of using every day – ok I didn’t use it every day… I think I had a day or two where I was lazy with Skincare. I have noticed a huge difference with this face wash and LOVE using it with the No7 cleansing brush as feels like it really cleans. I have noticed my blackheads have minimised too.


First Impression – I didn’t use this the same day as the facial wash I used this in the morning the day after and my skin felt smooth after but pretty much same as the wash for me.

After using twice a week for 2 weeks – my face is definitely smoother and I think possibly a mixture of the face wash but my skin has cleared loads. I have been drinking more water as per my August Goals. So I guess this is all a factor.

Face Mask

First Impression – I used this on my nose, chin and forehead along with my Elemis mask on the rest of my face. My pores on my nose definitely looked less noticeable after first use. It’s nothing incredible but it’s good!!

After using twice a week after the scrub – again I think a mixture of drinking more water and the other products… my skin looks clearer!! I love the feel of my skin after using this.

Considering this range is reasonably priced I really like it and I think it is doing a great job so far. I especially like the wash!!

Have you tried this range? What do you think of it? XO

What’s In My Handbag

What’s In My Handbag

I suppose I should start with what handbag I am currently using. I have the Michael Kors Jet Set tote in white. My brother and his wife bought this for me from New York on their honeymoon. I believe I have mentioned this before as done a whats in my bag last year. I also have this bag in black but it is slightly bigger.

I always have my purse in my bag for those random Boots trips I love to make. Nothing too amazing.. it’s a Michael Kors purse that I got for Christmas a few years ago. I look after my bags and purse so they last a long time. I don’t have loads of bags or purses as these are really sentimental.

I have a clear plastic Benefit make up bag that I keep all my essentials in. I like them in this bag so when I change bags or need anything it is all in one place.

In this bag I keep the following….

Pens, a plaster, painkillers, sickness bands (random I know), a tampon, an earl grey tea bag… absolute essential, a £1 coin for a trolley or parking, headphones and a little plastic envelope with some flowers that Jacob picked for me.

Also in the bag I keep some make up etc;

I keep what I feel are essentials or top ups if I need them throughout the day. A Ralph Lauren roll on perfume, Benebalm, eye drops, a fold away hairbrush, hair bands, hand gel, a face mist, 2 nail files, eyebrow pencil, no stress rollerball, eyebrow gel, a mini mascara, a plumping lipgloss, Sleek face form palette, a blush brush and eye blending brush, concealer, Benetint, mini too faced lip stick in Dolly and the macaroon lipbalm.

I see all these as essentials!! I probably should downsize what I have in my bag but I bet as soon as I take anything out I will need it haha.

I also had receipts… chocolate wrappers and an empty water bottle in my bag… but I didn’t feel like taking a photo of those haha!

Am I the only one with so many “essentials”? XO

August Goals 

August Goals 

Just a quick post today, mainly want to write these down so if I don’t stick to them I have the shame of updating you all.

I wanted to set some goals, after a really crappy July I wanted to push myself to get back to being healthy (ish) I am not saying I will be going to the gym and having green smoothies every morning because I never stick to that.

  • Drink more water – cliche but an important one! Going to try and just drink water… and tea… I am not giving up tea!
  • Move more – again a classic for these goal posts right? However, with what happened last month and with my ongoing coccyx condition some days are harder than others. I am going to aim to walk a little every day, working my way up again.
  • Eat less chocolate and the naughty stuff – Chocolate gives me migraines and breakouts.. surely this should be enough to put me off eating it.
  • Be more organised when it comes to blogging – I am aiming to post every Wednesday and Sunday. (Hope no one fell off their seat then reading that!!)
  • Be more active on Twitter – I am quite active in general but I don’t promote my blog as much as I see others doing so feel I should a bit more.
  • Meal plan a bit better and stick to it. I try to write a meal plan and buy the shopping according to that but we always end up changing our minds and sometimes food goes to waste which I hate.
  • Get more fruit and vegetables in me, I am not too bad but I don’t get my 5 a day in a normal day unless I have the motivation to make a smoothie and eat a salad for dinner. I should be more conscious about what I eat as I am with Jacob.
  • NOT SPEND… I left this one for last because… it will be the hardest. I am a sucker for a trip to Boots… but I am really trying not to spend this month, I have enough skincare and make up to get me through until Christmas… If I do well this month by not spending it may extend further….

Wish me luck…. I will update beginning of September… XO

Fudge Haircare

Fudge Haircare

I used Fudge Haircare back in the day, and loved it. However, I moved away from using it as it is a bit pricey. Anyway I spotted they had a sale on Look Fantastic. I was a bit too excited!

Fudge Make-A-Mends Shampoo – this is described as a protein shake for dry and damaged hair. It has Marula and grape seed oil, also sulfate free. This lathers so nicely and not too much it’s hard to wash out, my hair feels smooth after using this not like dry and ratty like some shampoos make my hair feel. Smells soooooo good as well… like the whole range.

Fudge Make-A-Mends claims as above but says this has an extreme conditioning formula… and this has the same effect like most hair masks I’ve used. My favourite hair mask is the Tresemme Keratin Smooth mask… I will always buy that I think for pamper nights but this conditioner is so hydrating, I leave it in for a few minutes and when I wash it out my hair is so silky and easy to get a brush through.

Fudge Tri Blo, prime, shine and protect blow dry spray, wow this smells incredible. I use this through my towel dried hair before blasting with the hair dryer. It defends against the heat.. and I’ve noticed my hair dries so much quicker. It’s like a fine mist and non sticky.

Fudge Ends Miracle Soothing treatment for soft silky ends. I literally use the tiniest amount of this… it’s expensive.. I’m not going to soak my hair in it and a lot really isn’t needed. After straightening my hair I used this and it literally does what it claims… smooths and tames. It also smells INCREDIBLE! 

I know the Fudge Haircare is slightly more expensive than products you get in Boots etc but I really feel like I’ve invested in this range. I enjoy using it and doing my hair seems less of a chore because it all smells amazing.

Have you tried Fudge Haircare before? Do you have any recommendations? XO

Everyday Makeup – Summer Edition 

Everyday Makeup – Summer Edition 

I dislike Summer, a lot. The heat and the stickiness drives me nuts. However the bonus of Summer is minimal make up (cough… effort) so here is what I have been using pretty much every day to make me look a little more human.

The Manna Glo Iluminator – I have been using this mainly on my cheeks to give myself a glow… and following this up with the Bourjois Healthy Mix concealer under my eyes and on any blemishes (I have a few at the moment… hormones) blend this out with the Real Techniques buffing brush.

Taking my Spectrum blush brush A05 I swipe my Nars Laguna in a 3 shape on my face so it looks a little less round.

Bit of Benetint on my cheeks to make me look alive and I also put this on my lips too so they look healthier finishing those with some Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream.

I spruce the brows up with this Kiko Milano Precision eyebrow pencil. This is a great pencil, really pleased I picked this up… he fills in the sparse areas with minimal effort.. they probably look like rubbish but still… I made some effort haha.

For the eyes I have been using the L’Oréal Baby Roll Mega Volume mascara in waterproof.. I cry… a lot… mainly at cat videos on YouTube, wedding proposals, baby announcements and random adverts… I’m a bit of a sensitive sausage.

What are your Summer staples? XO