Kiko Brush Cleanser 

Kiko Brush Cleanser 

I made an online order on KIKO…. before the spending ban… By the time this post goes live I have no doubt that the whole of this brush cleanser will be gone as I spot clean almost everytime I have used my brushes. I like to deep clean my brushes once a week which I have done a post on before, however that has now changed as I use the Miceller Gel Wash from Garnier. (AMAZING!!)

Anyway back to the Kiko brush cleanser, this is great and reminds me massively of the Mac brush cleanser I used to use back in the day. Although this is half the price and a spray bottle which is super handy. When I go past the Kiko store in Brighton I will be picking another one of these up for the spot cleaning. I dont think I would make another online order though as the delivery time was quite awhile and shipping costs and as I am in Brighton quite a bit.

How I use this is pretty simple, I have a towel I use just for brush cleaning, I wash it after every deep clean on a Sunday. I spray a few sprays of the cleanser onto the brush and then swirl on the towel. Takes alot of the product off, this does not substitute a proper clean though as even if I deep clean my brushes after doing this there is definitly quite a bit of make up still in the bristles. It is excellent though if you want to use different eyeshadows etc.

Since spot cleaning my brushes, especially my foundation brush, my skin has improved which just goes to show even cleaning my brushes once a week can still cause spots.


As you can see in the photo my brushes arent super clean but clean enough for me, the difference after a deep clean is noticable. If you would like an in depth brush cleaning post then let me know, I really enjoy cleaning my brushes! (Loser I know!)


How did my August Goals go? 

How did my August Goals go? 

Ok… Not going to lie I was pretty ashamed to sit down and start writing this post, but the whole point of putting my August goes up was to stick to them… Yeah lets see how I did….

  • Drink more water – I didn’t drink masses amount of water but I did drink more than I usually do.. mainly squash though as just find it so hard to guzzle water.
  • Move more – No… I didnt…. My coccyx was quite bad so ended up sticking to just doing my pelvic floor, with the coccyx pain I get hip pain too which was worse than normal so I haven’t walked much apart from round the park with Jakey.
  • Eat less chocolate and the naughty stuff – Next….
  • Be more organised when it comes to blogging – I said that I would post every Wednesday and Sunday, however, I think once a week is enough for now.
  • Be more active on Twitter – I have chatted to my friends and retweeted memes does that count?
  • Meal plan a bit better and stick to it – I have been doing this, although did go over budget… oops
  • Get more fruit and vegetables in me – I have been eating more fruit and my normal veg, haven’t really upped it though.

So I didnt do too well, I feel like August wasnt the best month to try a new improved lifestyle after such a crappy July. I also dislike Summer so I tend to strop about a bit haha.

Did you have any goals? Did you do better than me?? LOL.


Superdrug – Foot Mask

Superdrug – Foot Mask

My friend Ellie came round with a little care package when I needed a little pick me up last month and in that was the face mask I have done a post on already (Garnier sheet mask) and this foot mask. 

This is the Superdrug Honey and Almond foot nourishing sock pack. They claim to help moisturise the skin as they contain vitamin e. Helps to soothe and soften dry, rough and cracked heels.

I opened the pack and pulled the socks out. They’re joined together so using scissors I cut them in half and opened each end and slid them onto my feet. Peeling the sticker that says open I stuck the sock round so they were secure.

I popped a towel round the socks to let them get warm. Although not the nicest feeling in the world initially I think it felt quite nice. The directions said to leave the socks on for 20 minutes, I left them on for about half hour whilst watching pretty little liars.

Once the time was up, I slid the socks off and massaged the residue into my feet and let that soak in whilst I relaxed a bit more. (James was playing with Jake downstairs so I thought I would make the most of it!)

My feet definitely felt nourished and moisturised afterwards, I also did gel polish afterwards so really felt pampered!!

If you’re looking for a treat for the feet this summer I definitely recommend this. Although not something I could do weekly it is definitely something I will do on a pamper day!

Have you tried something similar and have any recommendations?


No7 Cleansing Brush 

No7 Cleansing Brush 

I felt like the luckiest person in the world last month when I received a package from my lovely friend Debra-Bow… this lovely lady needs no introduction you almost certainly know who she is.

In this package was some Kiss nails, a highlighter and shockingly the No7 Cleansing brush. We have had many a conversation on what’s app… and we got talking about cleansing brushes. I used to have the Clarisonic but gave it to a friend after it just not working for me. I tried, oh I tried, it worked for awhile, then it just made me so red I looked like I had fallen asleep in the garden with no SPF on. Not good. I was a little scared to use the No7 brush BUT.. this is what I thought.

First of, I love it’s battery powered, no charging cables! Simple. It’s light and the replacement brush heads are super cheap too (two heads for £8…. bargain!!). The brush head has long ish bristles and are so soft on the skin.

After first use I was hooked, I tried it with a few different cleansers and loved it with my C&P but after a trip to Boots I bought the Tea Tree Witch Hazel and active Charcoal wash, which I have done a post on. Well it was a game changer, massage the cleanser in, wet the brush and go in circular motions around my face. Wow!

The brush has two speeds, push the button once and it’s a slowish speed, push again and it speeds up. I like it on the first setting as I find on the fastest one water and cleanser go flying off everywhere haha.

My skin feels so soft and smooth every time I use this. I was using the charcoal cleanser with the brush after my first cleanse in the evening every day, however, my skin couldn’t handle it everyday so I use it minimum once a week usually on a Sunday for a deep clean and during the week if I have worn heavier make up.

When I first started using the brush I did have a breakout but I think was more hormonal. The breakout cleared quickly due to really deep cleansing my skin.

If you’re thinking of getting a face brush of some kind I highly recommend this brush being your first stop, as I think it’ll be your only stop and you’ll be saving the pennies. I wish I got this brush first instead of the Clarisonic.


Thoughts I Had When Rewatching Twilight Part 1 & 2

Thoughts I Had When Rewatching Twilight Part 1 & 2

For the purpose of this post I HAD to watch these 2 about 3 times… no joke, I love the films. My nan got me into them around 2010 and I was hooked. That was until I watched Vampire Diaries and a whole new vampire was born for me.

Anyway I decided to rewatch these films and share my thoughts.

Part 1 – First thing I thought when watching was how annoying is Bella?! Seriously… this one man is her whole life, no consideration for her mum and dad whatsoever. Might just be because I am a parent now but if my child was this obsessed over a guy I would probably stage an intervention. I mean come on… in one of the others she goes into shock like state when Edward leaves… Do what anyone else would do, go out with the girls and have sex with the other lad that was interested! And lets face it, Jacob is hot.

Talking of annoying why would Edward leave it until the night before the wedding to confess his past, talk about leaving it late…. And not being funny but if I was her I would be a little interested in the murderous past of my husband to be. Also her parents seem a little too chill about their 18 year old getting married. Even when I told my mum and dad James and I were getting married they asked if we were sure and we had a mortgage, A CHILD and had been together almost 7 years haha!!

Anyway the rest of the film doesn’t really bug me although I don’t really get the timescale and why does Charlie just trust the Cullens that Bella is ok? If my son rung me and said he was staying away somewhere I would be there so quick! But anywho…

Part 2 – Right where do I start?! She wakes up and of course her first thought is bloody Edward!!!! I would wake up and be like… RIGHT where is my miracle daughter that I fought so hard to give birth to. I mean I wake up at 3am and my first thought is my lad… let alone after turning into a vampire. THEN she realises Oh shit I have a daughter… and Edward wants her to go and hunt which of course she does like a pro because… well its Bella… She wanders home all barefoot and slow (I would be rushing back to meet my daughter.. but hey maybe its just me) to make things worse she chats to Jacob… GO AND SEE YOUR DAUGHTER!! She holds the odd looking computerised child for about 30 seconds before dragging Jacob out like a dog because he imprinted on her… so another person to protect her child and she beats him up… nice.

Before I go on anymore about that, they then show her the cottage all kitted out, she doesn’t need to worry about waving elbows at home bargains to get the floor lamp its all done and does she say thank you? NO! Edward is more concerned about getting her naked and then they have whatever that was… errr guys… not being funny but you have a newborn daughter why not go and spend some time with her. Oh no wait you’re going to lay there and discuss how are you ever going to stop having sex…. Erm guys… your daughter? Charlie looks pissed off with the situation but is he really? He gives in pretty quick… Oh I just saw a man turn into a wolf, oh my daughter looks different and is cold…and they have a daughter that grows super quick. Thats normal… lets talk about Christmas. *eyeroll*

Wow I am sorry this post is long but I needed to vent this. The fight is epic and I love it the whole scene its amazing. When Carlisle dies and they all run…. GO ON GUYS!! That all works out well and they all get back to being happy.. but do Jacob and Renesmee end up together? I am not sure if thats weird or not? DO they have kids??? What happens then do we have a Hybrid type situation from VD going on?? I mean so many unanswered questions.

Have you seen these films?? What do you think? XO

Garner Skin Active Moisture Bomb Mask – Fatigued Skin 

Garner Skin Active Moisture Bomb Mask – Fatigued Skin 

I know I know I’ve always said I don’t like sheet masks but I have a confession I tried one a couple of weeks ago and thought it was alright. I didn’t mention it as I thought it was a fluke. My lovely friend Ellie popped over with a little care package and in it was this mask. I love Lavender and I am certainly feeling tired and my skin is looking it. 

I hopped in the bath (not literally as that’s dangerous) plopped a twilight bath bomb in and put this on my face. 

Once you peel the blue layer away it is really… I don’t want to say it… but moist. It’s moist. And slippy. I positioned it on my face and laid back… I usually try and potter about with these masks on and end up looking like something out of a scary film but I thoroughly enjoyed using this mask!! 

The mask claims to hydrate for one week… well it says… Super hydrating, de-tiring mask… Intensely rehydrates, reduces the appearance of fatigue and relaxes the senses. I must admit it did all those!! I looked and felt so much more relaxed and less tired after using this. 

Perhaps I’m officially converted to sheet masks…. shocking I know. XO 

Tea Tree Witch Hazel and Charcoal Boots Skincare Range

Tea Tree Witch Hazel and Charcoal Boots Skincare Range

I had seen a few reviews of this facial wash and I kept thinking I should try it out.

When I went into boots for cotton pads… I came out with these 3… and a few other bits (but ssshhh don’t tell James haha) I was really excited as I had tried the face mask before and liked it. I am loyal to my Elemis mask but I do like to dabble and try other masks. I like a good pore detox.

I have done this review slightly different as I want to give you my first impression and after using it for at least 2 weeks.

Facial Wash

First Impression – I oddly like the colour of this, it made my skin feel super clean. I used this with just my hands this time but I want to try it with the No7 cleansing brush (review on that soon). It smells pleasant enough too and it was a great second cleanse. It is really creamy and goes white/grey when massaged into the skin. Skin felt a little dry after but I can deal with that as my skin feels super clean! 

After 2 weeks of using every day – ok I didn’t use it every day… I think I had a day or two where I was lazy with Skincare. I have noticed a huge difference with this face wash and LOVE using it with the No7 cleansing brush as feels like it really cleans. I have noticed my blackheads have minimised too.


First Impression – I didn’t use this the same day as the facial wash I used this in the morning the day after and my skin felt smooth after but pretty much same as the wash for me.

After using twice a week for 2 weeks – my face is definitely smoother and I think possibly a mixture of the face wash but my skin has cleared loads. I have been drinking more water as per my August Goals. So I guess this is all a factor.

Face Mask

First Impression – I used this on my nose, chin and forehead along with my Elemis mask on the rest of my face. My pores on my nose definitely looked less noticeable after first use. It’s nothing incredible but it’s good!!

After using twice a week after the scrub – again I think a mixture of drinking more water and the other products… my skin looks clearer!! I love the feel of my skin after using this.

Considering this range is reasonably priced I really like it and I think it is doing a great job so far. I especially like the wash!!

Have you tried this range? What do you think of it? XO