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Kiko Brush Cleanser 

I made an online order on KIKO…. before the spending ban… By the time this post goes live I have no doubt that the whole of this brush cleanser will be gone as I spot clean almost everytime I have used my brushes. I like to deep clean my brushes once a week which I have done a post on before, however that has now changed as I use the Miceller Gel Wash from Garnier. (AMAZING!!)

Anyway back to the Kiko brush cleanser, this is great and reminds me massively of the Mac brush cleanser I used to use back in the day. Although this is half the price and a spray bottle which is super handy. When I go past the Kiko store in Brighton I will be picking another one of these up for the spot cleaning. I dont think I would make another online order though as the delivery time was quite awhile and shipping costs and as I am in Brighton quite a bit.

How I use this is pretty simple, I have a towel I use just for brush cleaning, I wash it after every deep clean on a Sunday. I spray a few sprays of the cleanser onto the brush and then swirl on the towel. Takes alot of the product off, this does not substitute a proper clean though as even if I deep clean my brushes after doing this there is definitly quite a bit of make up still in the bristles. It is excellent though if you want to use different eyeshadows etc.

Since spot cleaning my brushes, especially my foundation brush, my skin has improved which just goes to show even cleaning my brushes once a week can still cause spots.


As you can see in the photo my brushes arent super clean but clean enough for me, the difference after a deep clean is noticable. If you would like an in depth brush cleaning post then let me know, I really enjoy cleaning my brushes! (Loser I know!)