Q & A Part 2

Q & A Part 2

Just a quick one from me this week. I have been proper manic this last week and as much as I don’t want to let my blog down… I literally don’t have time to write so thought I’d do a little Q&A. 

  • If you could move anywhere in the world where would you go? New York 100% 
  • If you should choose any language to be instantly fluent in, which would you choose? Spanish 🙂
  • If you could be best friends with any Disney character who would it be? Anna from Frozen! She’s fresh prince of hilar! 
  • If you could go on holiday with any F1 driver, dead or alive, who would you choose? Ayrton Senna without a doubt!! 
  • If you could be some one else for a day. Who would it be and why? I was going to say something political but thought best not haha… I would be anyone rich and give loads of money to charity. 
  • What are your guilty pleasures? Chocolate and Brie (not together lol) 
  • What’s on the top of your bucket list? I haven’t really thought of a bucket list for a long time but going to New York with Jacob is something I’ve promised him as soon as he’s a bit older to remember. 
  • Where was your favourite holiday too? When I was younger it was Gran Canaria with my family. Spending quality time with them is my favourite and I have so many memories from those holidays. 
  • Would you rather: Wear bright green lipstick every day for a month or throw out all of the foundation you own? 🙊 throw my foundation out… I would cry though haha!! 
  • What food could you never give up? Chinese, cheese, chocolate and bread. 
  • What was the biggest make up faux-pas that you committed when you were younger? White eyeliner.., my god!!! 

Hope you enjoyed this and learnt something new haha XO 

Champneys Forest Mere

Champneys Forest Mere

We booked our little trip quite awhile ago and I was so excited and if you read my weekend bag post you’ll know I was a bit nervous about leaving my little lad but I’ll just start by saying.. he was fine obviously with his dad and amazingly so was I. I managed to really relax and chill out and it was really needed!!

The reason for the visit was my friends hen do and there was 5 of us that went. Perfect number I think to enjoy the time and luckily we all wanted to do the same things at the same time so was really chilled out and easy going.

When we arrived at the resort we were greeted by the amazing view of the lake, it was so frosty and it just looked stunning. The staff were so friendly on arrival and handed us a drink whilst we checked in. Once given our keys we made our way to the rooms and were pleasantly surprised to see a gift on our beds of a body butter and sleep spray both of which are my some of my favourite products.

The view from the window was the lake, and the room was spacious, clean and relaxing. We didn’t waste any time and chucked our robes on and flip flops and made our way down to the spa centre. I didn’t get too many pictures of the actual spa but we spent some time in a room with a fire place and hanging pods, another room had water beds and there is a section for the steam, sauna and a snow room (I know a snow room… I was too wimpy to go in there though) the showers had different settings like cold mist and rainforest and were really nice. In the afternoon we were given a make up masterclass which was good. I didn’t learn anything new but was good to see some differebt products in use.

After spending some time in the spa we went and got changed for dinner, dinner was really nice and all the food on offer is really healthy. We enjoyed a nice cup of tea afterwards and totted off to our rooms where we had face masks, chocolate, prosseco and watched Bridesmaids (naturally) we all fell asleep before the end though haha.

We all slept really well and when we got up we went down to breakfast in our robes, was a buffet style breakfast and again all healthy options on offer.

After breakfast it was time for our treatments and I was booked in for a massage and facial. The massage was amazing and really helped relax me, the facial was incredible and my skin was glowing afterwards. I really want the Elemis Lavender Face mask now though but it’s quite pricey at £31!

After our treatments we all relaxed in the spa for an hour or so before lunch, lunch was my favourite meal time as they had baked salmon which was so tasty I could of eaten the lot haha. I didn’t…honest.

Once lunch was done we again chilled in the jacuzzi, steam room etc and just relaxed, chatted and had a laugh. When it was near time to go I decided to have a pamper up and wash my hair etc, was so nice to take my time. In the changing rooms they have GHD straighteners and hair dryers, there really has been no expense spared at Forest Mere.

On the way out we popped into the shop, I bought a gift set which was on offer which included a lot of bits, I think I have one similar for my birthday (I’ll do a what I got for my birthday post!) and some nail varnishes.

Over all the weekend was amazing, I really relaxed and I am so proud of myself for going away. Something I never thought I would do. It was so so so so so lovely to get home to my boy though. Although he was very excitable after spending all that time with daddy and uncle haha. He’s now fast asleep in bed though whilst I plan my next trip away with my mum. She will love Forest Mere and I can’t wait to take her there for a little girly trip just us.

My Weekend Bag

My Weekend Bag

I am off to a spa for the night (Champney’s Spa) for my friends hen do and to say I am excited is a total understatement. I rarely ever have a night away from Jake and can count on one hand how many times I have since he has been born. This will be the first night I have left Jake with James for the night as usually James and I are together.

Jacob will be fine with his dad… and it will do us all good I think. Good for me to relax and spend time with my friends, and Jacob used to not having me there at night and knowing daddy can get up too haha. (Sorry James..!! LOL)

I got my bag out and I love this bag as I can fit so much into it, it is also sentimental as it was my hospital bag when I was in hospital with little Jake. First thing I always pack is clothes for the next day. I will wear the same jeggings and just change my top, I am sure we will spend the majority of the time in a robe anyway. 

I have this lovely Champney’s bag that I got with a gift set and I have packed all my minis and essentials, toothbrush, toothpaste, mini body lotion, shower gel and skincare. Luckily I have all the minis of what I use so that is so handy! As you can see I’m taking everything. Even a bit of make up. 

I am not taking my laptop as staying away from Social Media for the 2 days and night. I will have my phone though as will need to be contactable just in case and I will want to speak to Jake about 100 times haha. So I will be taking my charger, and my straighteners.

Also packed a couple of girly films and face masks for the 5 of us. 

I am going to do a post of the spa trip, so will take lots of photos as will be taking them anyway as its a hen do. Cant wait to share the experience with you all. XX

Guest Post: Wedding MakeUp Trials 

Guest Post: Wedding MakeUp Trials 

Disclaimer: This post was written by Jade Markwick as part of the guest post series. 

So Lucy has asked me to do a guest blog post for her as I have asked her to do my make up for me on my wedding day next year, so I’ll be talking about my make up shopping and making trialling experience with the Lucy herself! I’ll introduce myself briefly as Jade, im Lucy’s bestie who I’m sure has mentioned me in her previous posts as the funny one who’s getting married next September. As you all know Lucy’s passion is beauty care and make up…. mine is not!!! I have always been very lucky with my skin, olive toned and never suffered with spots or scarring which means I rarely wear make up. However saying that, i am good, my daily routine does consist of cleanse, tone & moisturise. I always use the simple range, the range that is called simple, generally in a green bottle not a range that is simple but as for make up well I barely wear any… day to day I wear a rimmel eye liner (it says it’s long lasting and hard wearing… it’s not, by the time I’ve left my house and got to work I’ve rubbed it across my face) but it’s a browny shimmery colour that I love, I also love the waxy texture and how it feels to apply it which I can’t seem to find in any other eyeliner…job for Lucy I think. Then I also apply the bare minerals flawless definition on my lashes just to make me appear awake boom, job done! I think I’m the only female who’s alarm can go off 45 minutes after her boyfriends and still leave the house half hour before he does to get to work! So this is me!

Come night time though I vamp it up a bit… no not really I have my entire make up collection contained in a bare minerals travel kit.

so when I do wear make up on my face I just use my tinted primer in tan from bare minerals blended 50/50 with my moisturiser, I just use my hands to rub it on then brush bronzer all over my face and do the same as above with my eyes! Lips though…. this is where Lucy and I have issues, I like natural colours, you know, brown, nude, beige- natural colours but according to Lucypoos that’s a ‘concealer lip’ so the only lipgloss I did own we have promptly chucked out, I really liked it, it was the 17 lip crayon in beige N13 according to Lucy about 13 years out of date!

So when I asked Lucy if she would like to do the make up for me on my special day (pressures on!) instead of the overwhelming emotion of happiness like ones suppose to get when your asked to be part of your friends wedding I think she thought grrreeeat this is the perfect opportunity to educate Jade on make up, it meant we could go make up shopping, try lots of products and see what does and doesn’t work, the concealer lip was one we established early on, and well, today was Lucy’s lucky day! What was a really fun and special day also turned out to be the day I learnt to ‘blend like a bitch’!

So after driving into town with spice girls blaring and singing at the tops of our voices we parked up and headed straight to Superdrug. “Amazing everything is 3 for 2 this is when i knew I was going to need to by those plastic storage boxes she bangs on about as we headed straight for our first lesson in lipsticks. After around 2 hours of browsing, rimmel, boujoirs, maybelline, L’Oréal, miss sporty, Barry M, and the 20 other make up concessions and having spent a mini fortune my make up bag is now full! I now own 5 that’s FIVE lipsticks, would you believe are all a similar colour…. nudey, a translucent powder, a liquid foundation (I don’t like liquid foundations) and a contour kit (I have no idea what that means only this is when you blend like a bitch) I am also the proud owner of 12 brushes!!!!

So we hot foot it out of the shop head for a refuel in McDonald’s before we head home to get trialling!

First trial, is with the liquid foundation, L’Oréal true match vanilla and goldy eyes. We decided the eye was too much as was the foundation, like I say I rarely wear make up so this foundation felt caked on my face plus it hid my freckles this is also the lip colour that Lucy preferred which was the revlon lip butter. Took a quick snap before Lucy was marching me up stairs to wash trial number 1 off my face with a quick masterclass in the Liz Earle cleansing routine.

Second trial we, Lucy, stripped it back to how I’m most comfortable my tinted primer blended with moisturiser to keep my face natural but polished, this was applied using a sponge! I’d gone from owning no brushes to 12 and yet she applies it with a sponge!!! I really liked this look though and how it felt on my face, my eyes were kept natural again what I’m used to but just made a little more prominent to stand out, then finished off with what was my favourite lip out of the five which was a rimmel one by Kate Moss again in nude!

I really liked the second trial we done and I think this is the one we will perfect for when I walk down the aisle, after all I want the make up to feel what I’m used to and to look like me on my special day not any different. considering last time I let Lucy loose on my face I ended up looking like a drag queen with eyebrows like Cara Delvigne so today was really fun and I’m excited to trial some more. Whilst I rummage through my newly filled make up case (yep a case, a bag was too small) with more than just a bare minerals travel kit inside it I can feel Lucy’s eyes burning my forehead apparently rummaging can cause damage I guess this is where the plastic storage boxes come in handy.

While I’ve written this post Lucy has been cleaning her brushes whilst Jake, her 3 year old son has got through 3 frübes, a packet of rasins and angry birds the movie…. twice. I’ve been Jade, I hope you enjoyed the read and let Lucy know what you thought of the make up trials. Hopefully after the next one Lucy will let me blog again… or she’ll blog about how much of a pain in the backside I’ve been with my limited knowledge of how I should apply make up, still at least there were no accidents unlike when I let Lucy straighten my hair when we were 15….. I’m lucky to still have my right ear!

Jd x

The Friends Set

The Friends Set

Oh my was I excited for this! My amazing friend Hayley surprised me with a trip to London to see the friends set. I was so excited before… On the day… During and after.

It was in Haggerston Park, there was a huge stage, and different sections like a shop, central Perk.. The boys apartment and cocktail bar, Monica’s apartment, Diner etc. It’s £24 a ticket per person and the tickets sold out really quick!

Here are a few pictures from the day…

I didn’t get many pictures without us guys in the picture but the girl to the left (bottom picture) is my friend Hayley, (I’m next to Hayley) and Rose is on the left. They’re such amazing girlies and had such a wicked day with them! Really want to do it all over again. It was great to spend the whole day with Friends fans! The food in the Diner was good too.. I had a pulled pork burger.. Amaze!

If Friends Fest is back next year I 100% recommend it if you love friends! You also won’t be out of place quoting the random Friends scene haha. X