Fudge Toning Shampoo 

Fudge Toning Shampoo 

I love me a silverising shampoo, I used the Provoke silver shampoo for years… YEARS, however I noticed my hair was so dry after using it and would have to deep condition more after using it. I decided to pick this toner up when I bought the Make-a-mends shampoo and conditioner (still so in love with that!!)

This is brilliant though, I didnt include it with my Fudge Haircare post as I hadn’t given it a good enough test. Now I have and it is so good. Not only smells amazing but it is moisturising which is incredible for a toner. I leave this on for 3 minutes as notice my hair goes a little silver if I leave it on any longer. I use this all over including my roots, even though I have like a balayage type style so my natural hair colour is at the root. I find this shampoo blends and helps the transition to the highlights.

I use this once a week usually when I have my weekly pamper, feels like a treat not a chore with this toner. It is quite messy if you’re not careful and it is important to wash it out until the water runs clear.

Have you tried this toner? Or do you use one that you would recommend?? XO


August Goals 

August Goals 

Just a quick post today, mainly want to write these down so if I don’t stick to them I have the shame of updating you all.

I wanted to set some goals, after a really crappy July I wanted to push myself to get back to being healthy (ish) I am not saying I will be going to the gym and having green smoothies every morning because I never stick to that.

  • Drink more water – cliche but an important one! Going to try and just drink water… and tea… I am not giving up tea!
  • Move more – again a classic for these goal posts right? However, with what happened last month and with my ongoing coccyx condition some days are harder than others. I am going to aim to walk a little every day, working my way up again.
  • Eat less chocolate and the naughty stuff – Chocolate gives me migraines and breakouts.. surely this should be enough to put me off eating it.
  • Be more organised when it comes to blogging – I am aiming to post every Wednesday and Sunday. (Hope no one fell off their seat then reading that!!)
  • Be more active on Twitter – I am quite active in general but I don’t promote my blog as much as I see others doing so feel I should a bit more.
  • Meal plan a bit better and stick to it. I try to write a meal plan and buy the shopping according to that but we always end up changing our minds and sometimes food goes to waste which I hate.
  • Get more fruit and vegetables in me, I am not too bad but I don’t get my 5 a day in a normal day unless I have the motivation to make a smoothie and eat a salad for dinner. I should be more conscious about what I eat as I am with Jacob.
  • NOT SPEND… I left this one for last because… it will be the hardest. I am a sucker for a trip to Boots… but I am really trying not to spend this month, I have enough skincare and make up to get me through until Christmas… If I do well this month by not spending it may extend further….

Wish me luck…. I will update beginning of September… XO

Fudge Haircare

Fudge Haircare

I used Fudge Haircare back in the day, and loved it. However, I moved away from using it as it is a bit pricey. Anyway I spotted they had a sale on Look Fantastic. I was a bit too excited!

Fudge Make-A-Mends Shampoo – this is described as a protein shake for dry and damaged hair. It has Marula and grape seed oil, also sulfate free. This lathers so nicely and not too much it’s hard to wash out, my hair feels smooth after using this not like dry and ratty like some shampoos make my hair feel. Smells soooooo good as well… like the whole range.

Fudge Make-A-Mends claims as above but says this has an extreme conditioning formula… and this has the same effect like most hair masks I’ve used. My favourite hair mask is the Tresemme Keratin Smooth mask… I will always buy that I think for pamper nights but this conditioner is so hydrating, I leave it in for a few minutes and when I wash it out my hair is so silky and easy to get a brush through.

Fudge Tri Blo, prime, shine and protect blow dry spray, wow this smells incredible. I use this through my towel dried hair before blasting with the hair dryer. It defends against the heat.. and I’ve noticed my hair dries so much quicker. It’s like a fine mist and non sticky.

Fudge Ends Miracle Soothing treatment for soft silky ends. I literally use the tiniest amount of this… it’s expensive.. I’m not going to soak my hair in it and a lot really isn’t needed. After straightening my hair I used this and it literally does what it claims… smooths and tames. It also smells INCREDIBLE! 

I know the Fudge Haircare is slightly more expensive than products you get in Boots etc but I really feel like I’ve invested in this range. I enjoy using it and doing my hair seems less of a chore because it all smells amazing.

Have you tried Fudge Haircare before? Do you have any recommendations? XO

July Glossybox 2017

July Glossybox 2017

Always the exciting part of the month when my GB or LF beauty box comes through the door. I’ve made no secret of the disappointment I sometimes feel though. However, not this month!! Really happy with this months box!

Monu Spa First Defence Soothing After Sun – this claims to be for all skin types and although I’m not one to be sitting in the sun at the moment this smells so nice and glides on the skin so nicely I will get use out of this whether I’ve been in the sun or not.

Papanga Hair Bands are bigger than the usual plastic spring hair bands which is amazing for someone with thick hair (like me!) I received a clear and a black band. There is also 20% with this months glossy box so will stock up on these.

Cutebalms Macaroon Tint Balm in Crushed Berry, this smells so sweet but not over powering and gives a lovely Tint to the lips, I was feeling lazy and popped this on my cheeks too and worked really well. So perfect for the hand bag.

Bellapierre Cosmetics Banana Setting Powder, I have wanted to try and proper banana powder for ages so this will be a perfect addition to my make up collection. I will give this a whirl next time I contour…

I’ve left the most exciting for last, I’ve wanted a fan brush for a long time and never taken the plunge and bought one (not sure why!) anyway in this months box I received the Spectrum Fan Brush. I used this for highlighter straight away and it’s changed everything… well.. changed how I put on highlight anyway.

So overall really chuffed with this months box! Do you get Glossybox? Were you happy? XO 

Grow Gorgeous Hair Mask

Grow Gorgeous Hair Mask

I love any form of mask, hair, face or foot… you name it I love it. I spotted this in Boots and it was on offer so had to grab it. It smells really nice. I slathered it on as per the instructions and left it on for about half an hour. It recommends you put it on and sleep with it in your hair but washing my hair in the mornings is an absolute no go as I have the nursery run haha. I rinsed it off and shampoo and conditioned as normal. My hair was so smooth, noticeably more manageable.

I did notice after styling etc my hair felt a little greasy at the roots. It might have been a coincidence but I put it down to me putting too much mask on and not washing it out properly. I used the mask again and put it just on the ends and left it for around 5 hours as put it on in the morning and washed out later, again my hair was smooth and less tangled. I think using this on just my ends is the way to go!! Will last longer too.

Have you tried the Grow Gorgeous range? X

November Favourites 

November Favourites 

Another month has gone by in 2016 and I can’t quite believe how fast this year has gone. Although I am sooooo happy we are now closer to Christmas it’s also getting closer to a new year, time for making resolutions that go out the window by the 6th of January when I’m tucking into a dominoes, drinking coke and mumbling about starting again 1st Feb… then forgetting and just accepting the fact I’ll have a summer body for the following Summer and one more “festively plump” Summer will be ok. 

Top thing I’ve been loving is getting organised for Christmas, I was done and wrapped by mid November and been loving it. Although not enjoying seeing the presents wrapped and not under the tree, I have been loving buying all the Christmas decorations and mentally noting where I will put things.

Absolutley loving the L’Oreal Extraordinary hair oil. This has been a staple in my hair care routine for a long time now. In fact this almost empty bottle is my 4th and I have a new one ready and waiting. It’s great for a pre shampoo treat, amazing for wet hair before drying and great for taming frizz on dry hair.

Maybelline Colour tattoo in on and on bronze. I have had this awhile but really started loving it this month. It’s so quick and easy to apply, blends easily and lasts all day. Great for those quick make up looks and you can’t be bothered to cut crease etc.

Keeping on the eye theme I have been using the Maybelline LashSensational mascara in brown. I am not usually a fan of brown mascara but this is quite natural and makes the lashes look long and full. Winning with the colour tattoo.

iPhone 7… not sure whether I should put my phone in a favourites post but I got my phone after breaking my iPhone 6s. As much as I loved my 6s it had a sorry old time… 2 broken screens and a broken speaker. Never had I broken a screen before and then I break two in the space of 2 months. So I took the plunge and got the iPhone  7 and I love it! It’s super quick… the camera is amazing and I’ve named it Britney haha.

With having a new phone I had to get a new phone case.. or 3. I got this lovely Queen Bee case which I had to get! I love Bees! And this Gingerbread man case.. will be my festive phone case this year, both from Skinny Dip. I also bought a clear plastic one from Amazon but not sure I will get much use but good to have a back up.

GlossyBox and Look Fantastic beauty subscription boxes, I jumped back on the wagon of beauty boxes and yet to regret it. Loved everything I have received so far. Certainly a great present idea for a beauty addict.

My favourite YouTuber lately is Amy Being Mum.. she’s so relatable and lovely. Definitely check her out and subscribe.

Skincare has played a massive part in my month, trying bits and bobs which I have done previous posts about. I have been loving  everything and can’t wait to try more products from my beauty boxes and ASOS advent calendar. I am always up for cleanser recommendations.

My favourite blogger has been BeautyAnalyst.. obviously! (@beautyanalyst1) We started our blogs around the same time and got chatting. Her blog is so good and very easy to read with easy on the eye photos.

Hope you’ve liked this different favourites post, I usually post about beauty.. but loved more than beauty in November.

Roll on Christmas now! Jumpers, hot chocolate and Christmas songs xxx

Head and Shoulders

Head and Shoulders

For awhile seeing posts and YouTube videos about head and shoulders I would roll my eyes… great another sponsored post/video. However… this isn’t sponsored and I understand the hype of the product now.

For ages I just assumed you should only use it if you have dandruff but I get a really dry itchy scalp when I’m stressed or been upset (really upset.. not just I stub my toe upset lol) so I thought I should try it. Literally from the first wash my head and hair had been transformed. I wasn’t itchy and my hair felt really soft… manageable and was shiny. Which is quite an achievement with blonde damaged hair haha.

I then signed up to glossy box and the head and shoulders shampoo was the mystery product, I recognised the smell instantly and was chuffed I then had a mini for my over night bag. Also made me want to write about it.

When using the shampoo it’s lathers really nicely so really feels like your hair is being cleaned, squeaky clean. Then smell is really nice too and quite comforting, I could be on my own thinking that though haha.

If you have used it and loved it, let me know below. Also what other products have you tried from Head & Shoulders are they all just as good? X