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Garner Skin Active Moisture Bomb Mask – Fatigued Skin 

I know I know I’ve always said I don’t like sheet masks but I have a confession I tried one a couple of weeks ago and thought it was alright. I didn’t mention it as I thought it was a fluke. My lovely friend Ellie popped over with a little care package and in it was this mask. I love Lavender and I am certainly feeling tired and my skin is looking it. 

I hopped in the bath (not literally as that’s dangerous) plopped a twilight bath bomb in and put this on my face. 

Once you peel the blue layer away it is really… I don’t want to say it… but moist. It’s moist. And slippy. I positioned it on my face and laid back… I usually try and potter about with these masks on and end up looking like something out of a scary film but I thoroughly enjoyed using this mask!! 

The mask claims to hydrate for one week… well it says… Super hydrating, de-tiring mask… Intensely rehydrates, reduces the appearance of fatigue and relaxes the senses. I must admit it did all those!! I looked and felt so much more relaxed and less tired after using this. 

Perhaps I’m officially converted to sheet masks…. shocking I know. XO 

Elemis Herbal Lavender Repair Mask 

I am going to start with… Wow… I absolutely love this face mask. It’s a pricey mask at £31. I first used this in January at a spa and I was hooked.

This is a creamy texture and goes on really smoothly. I only use a thin layer as my skin is a little sensitive at times. It contains Lavender which I find really helps calm my skin when it’s a bit angry and hormonal.

Of course it being lavender it’s really relaxing and I love using this just before getting in the bath or before bed, finish off with some facial oil and I’m all set for bed. It’s also great if I have an extra 20 minutes in the morning if I have woken up with some beasts haha.

If you are in a treat yo’ self mood definitely give this a go 🙂 xo