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Q & A Part 2

Just a quick one from me this week. I have been proper manic this last week and as much as I don’t want to let my blog down… I literally don’t have time to write so thought I’d do a little Q&A. 

  • If you could move anywhere in the world where would you go? New York 100% 
  • If you should choose any language to be instantly fluent in, which would you choose? Spanish 🙂
  • If you could be best friends with any Disney character who would it be? Anna from Frozen! She’s fresh prince of hilar! 
  • If you could go on holiday with any F1 driver, dead or alive, who would you choose? Ayrton Senna without a doubt!! 
  • If you could be some one else for a day. Who would it be and why? I was going to say something political but thought best not haha… I would be anyone rich and give loads of money to charity. 
  • What are your guilty pleasures? Chocolate and Brie (not together lol) 
  • What’s on the top of your bucket list? I haven’t really thought of a bucket list for a long time but going to New York with Jacob is something I’ve promised him as soon as he’s a bit older to remember. 
  • Where was your favourite holiday too? When I was younger it was Gran Canaria with my family. Spending quality time with them is my favourite and I have so many memories from those holidays. 
  • Would you rather: Wear bright green lipstick every day for a month or throw out all of the foundation you own? 🙊 throw my foundation out… I would cry though haha!! 
  • What food could you never give up? Chinese, cheese, chocolate and bread. 
  • What was the biggest make up faux-pas that you committed when you were younger? White eyeliner.., my god!!! 

Hope you enjoyed this and learnt something new haha XO 

Hello April

I feel like I have had to do more catch ups on my blog than normal posts haha, but I have been a bit distant lately as my heart just hasn’t been into writing. I would much rather post when I have something to say than something that is half hearted.

So here is where I have been….. as mentioned before in a previous post I was signed off sick for awhile from work, I finally went back 20th March (I think it was anyway) I had my back injection 4 days before and although I wasn’t pain free before returning to work it was a lot more bearable than it was so that was good, and if I am honest it is a lot better now but not 100%.

Now for the TMI, I had my smear test booked in for the week I went back to work and for some reason I was filled with so much anxiety. I have had them before…and have a child so you’d think I would be used to those types of exams but if I am being honest, they are never comfortable!! For the last two weeks I have been so on edge, worrying about the result, I got the result back yesterday and they were all ok, just waiting for the letter so I have that in writing and I can completely calm down.

Anyway moving on from the over share haha… James and I finally came clean about our wedding and we are getting married 26th May (this year) so we had about 12 weeks from deciding to just do it… to the big day. We make a great team though and everything is sorted and in hand. I really can’t wait to share the pictures with you all. There will be 12 guests (including my new niece and nephew… they’re amazing and perfect twins!)

Jacob our son, turns 4 this month and we find out whether he has got the school he wanted, this is so nerve wracking even though we are in catchment for the school and everyone out of catchment has a good chance of getting in too. We are going away for Jake’s birthday though and he wants to go back to Cadbury World, we went there in November and he loved it so much, win win for me and James (and my mum and dad as they’re coming too) as we all love chocolate and it is such a fun day. Love seeing my boy smile!!

After we get back we will be going away for the weekend for dads birthday then we get married two weeks later so it will be busy but I am determined to make time to blog as I really have missed it and really enjoy writing…. even if no one reads it! If you are reading this far I am impressed haha.

I will leave it there and start on some other posts! I will be posting about this months Look Fantastic box soon!

Lots of love xx