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Festive Make Up

I thought I would share with you the make up I will be wearing on Christmas Day! I am so excited for this Christmas. My parents are coming here this year and it’ll be the first time we have spent the WHOLE day at home. Which will be amazing as won’t have to drag all of Jakes presents out. Woohoo.

Christmas Day starts off with me staying in my Christmas pjs and opening presents with my boys and family, we then go get ready for the day before breakfast. I always like to wear a Christmas jumper or a nice dress so it’s only normal I want my face to look semi human in case of photos etc.

Although it’s not over the top it’s more than normal for me…

The Ordinary Coverage foundation. I love this foundation so much. It covers what I need it to and doesn’t feel heavy or cakey. Healthy mix by Bourjois concealer on my bags and spots… and blend that in with my RT buffing brush.

As standard my Nars Laguna goes on my cheek bones and temples and under my chin.. and some Benetint on my cheekbones and lips. You know.. for that healthy look haha.

I have been loving this Ardell Brow Promade in Blonde. It’s so super to use and a perfect shade for me. I will be using my Urban Decay Naked palette this year… with Naked and Buck in the crease with Half Baked on my lid and lower lash line. With L’Oreal babydoll mascara…. seriously still obsessed with this mascara.

To finish my face off I will be using the Benefit Benebalm, it’s such a perfect colour and not over the top for me. I am not brave enough for a full on red lip so this balm is perfect for me! Festive but still in my comfort zone!

Once all done I will spritz my face with the Urban Decay setting spray (which is incredible FYI)

What are you staple festive make up looks? XO


Autumn Make Up

My favourite season is finally upon us and oh my… I get so excited! Christmas is getting SO close!

I like to wear more make up in Autumn and the no make up make up looks can take a step back! I have been loving The Ordinary Serum Foundation and a review will be up shortly, but now it is Autumn I like something a little heavier and I am in love with the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation, it isnt mega heavy but it gives a nice coverage with the concealer. A perfect mix… pardon the pun haha.

Autumn to me is all about berry lips.. patted out obviously because, well, its me. Mac Rebel will always be a firm favourite. Been loving a few other lip choices too but Rebel is my go to Autumn shade. Rocketeur by Benefit is a staple for this time of year too! Along with Urban Decay Half Baked and Naked in the crease and lower lashline. Nars Laguna is always in my make up routine so no surprise there.

I think this is such a perfect simple Autumnal look, can be made heavier and can be made softer depending on my mood but golds and berries are the way forward for me, a bit like dresses, tights and ankle boots.

I prime every day and use a setting spray too but trying a few out so didnt want to include those.

What are your Autumn staples? XO

No Make-up Make-up

Who doesn’t love a no make up look? I love the full glam look, which I rarely rock as I just can’t be bothered unless I am going out and even then it is pretty minimal.

This is a look however I rock quite a bit because it takes about 5 minutes and perfect for the school run and perfect for when I was working.. and for Summer in general as not much to slip and slide about.

I start off by applying some Healthy Mix Concealer under my eyes, on my chin, bridge of my nose and a smidge inbetween my slugs.. oops I mean eyebrows. I blend that in with a buffing brush. I blend Nars Laguna in a 3 shape over my face just to make my face look alive. Bit of the Mac brow duo in blonde through my brows, Benefit They’re Real mascara in brown and finish up with Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream… or my Lottie London lip balm but post on those soon!! (spoiler… they’re amazing).

Probably my shortest post ever but love this make up look and one of my all time low maintenance looks.

What are you no make up make up tips? XO

What’s In My Handbag

I suppose I should start with what handbag I am currently using. I have the Michael Kors Jet Set tote in white. My brother and his wife bought this for me from New York on their honeymoon. I believe I have mentioned this before as done a whats in my bag last year. I also have this bag in black but it is slightly bigger.

I always have my purse in my bag for those random Boots trips I love to make. Nothing too amazing.. it’s a Michael Kors purse that I got for Christmas a few years ago. I look after my bags and purse so they last a long time. I don’t have loads of bags or purses as these are really sentimental.

I have a clear plastic Benefit make up bag that I keep all my essentials in. I like them in this bag so when I change bags or need anything it is all in one place.

In this bag I keep the following….

Pens, a plaster, painkillers, sickness bands (random I know), a tampon, an earl grey tea bag… absolute essential, a £1 coin for a trolley or parking, headphones and a little plastic envelope with some flowers that Jacob picked for me.

Also in the bag I keep some make up etc;

I keep what I feel are essentials or top ups if I need them throughout the day. A Ralph Lauren roll on perfume, Benebalm, eye drops, a fold away hairbrush, hair bands, hand gel, a face mist, 2 nail files, eyebrow pencil, no stress rollerball, eyebrow gel, a mini mascara, a plumping lipgloss, Sleek face form palette, a blush brush and eye blending brush, concealer, Benetint, mini too faced lip stick in Dolly and the macaroon lipbalm.

I see all these as essentials!! I probably should downsize what I have in my bag but I bet as soon as I take anything out I will need it haha.

I also had receipts… chocolate wrappers and an empty water bottle in my bag… but I didn’t feel like taking a photo of those haha!

Am I the only one with so many “essentials”? XO

August Goals 

Just a quick post today, mainly want to write these down so if I don’t stick to them I have the shame of updating you all.

I wanted to set some goals, after a really crappy July I wanted to push myself to get back to being healthy (ish) I am not saying I will be going to the gym and having green smoothies every morning because I never stick to that.

  • Drink more water – cliche but an important one! Going to try and just drink water… and tea… I am not giving up tea!
  • Move more – again a classic for these goal posts right? However, with what happened last month and with my ongoing coccyx condition some days are harder than others. I am going to aim to walk a little every day, working my way up again.
  • Eat less chocolate and the naughty stuff – Chocolate gives me migraines and breakouts.. surely this should be enough to put me off eating it.
  • Be more organised when it comes to blogging – I am aiming to post every Wednesday and Sunday. (Hope no one fell off their seat then reading that!!)
  • Be more active on Twitter – I am quite active in general but I don’t promote my blog as much as I see others doing so feel I should a bit more.
  • Meal plan a bit better and stick to it. I try to write a meal plan and buy the shopping according to that but we always end up changing our minds and sometimes food goes to waste which I hate.
  • Get more fruit and vegetables in me, I am not too bad but I don’t get my 5 a day in a normal day unless I have the motivation to make a smoothie and eat a salad for dinner. I should be more conscious about what I eat as I am with Jacob.
  • NOT SPEND… I left this one for last because… it will be the hardest. I am a sucker for a trip to Boots… but I am really trying not to spend this month, I have enough skincare and make up to get me through until Christmas… If I do well this month by not spending it may extend further….

Wish me luck…. I will update beginning of September… XO

Everyday Makeup – Summer Edition 

I dislike Summer, a lot. The heat and the stickiness drives me nuts. However the bonus of Summer is minimal make up (cough… effort) so here is what I have been using pretty much every day to make me look a little more human.

The Manna Glo Iluminator – I have been using this mainly on my cheeks to give myself a glow… and following this up with the Bourjois Healthy Mix concealer under my eyes and on any blemishes (I have a few at the moment… hormones) blend this out with the Real Techniques buffing brush.

Taking my Spectrum blush brush A05 I swipe my Nars Laguna in a 3 shape on my face so it looks a little less round.

Bit of Benetint on my cheeks to make me look alive and I also put this on my lips too so they look healthier finishing those with some Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream.

I spruce the brows up with this Kiko Milano Precision eyebrow pencil. This is a great pencil, really pleased I picked this up… he fills in the sparse areas with minimal effort.. they probably look like rubbish but still… I made some effort haha.

For the eyes I have been using the L’Oréal Baby Roll Mega Volume mascara in waterproof.. I cry… a lot… mainly at cat videos on YouTube, wedding proposals, baby announcements and random adverts… I’m a bit of a sensitive sausage.

What are your Summer staples? XO

July Glossybox 2017

Always the exciting part of the month when my GB or LF beauty box comes through the door. I’ve made no secret of the disappointment I sometimes feel though. However, not this month!! Really happy with this months box!

Monu Spa First Defence Soothing After Sun – this claims to be for all skin types and although I’m not one to be sitting in the sun at the moment this smells so nice and glides on the skin so nicely I will get use out of this whether I’ve been in the sun or not.

Papanga Hair Bands are bigger than the usual plastic spring hair bands which is amazing for someone with thick hair (like me!) I received a clear and a black band. There is also 20% with this months glossy box so will stock up on these.

Cutebalms Macaroon Tint Balm in Crushed Berry, this smells so sweet but not over powering and gives a lovely Tint to the lips, I was feeling lazy and popped this on my cheeks too and worked really well. So perfect for the hand bag.

Bellapierre Cosmetics Banana Setting Powder, I have wanted to try and proper banana powder for ages so this will be a perfect addition to my make up collection. I will give this a whirl next time I contour…

I’ve left the most exciting for last, I’ve wanted a fan brush for a long time and never taken the plunge and bought one (not sure why!) anyway in this months box I received the Spectrum Fan Brush. I used this for highlighter straight away and it’s changed everything… well.. changed how I put on highlight anyway.

So overall really chuffed with this months box! Do you get Glossybox? Were you happy? XO