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My Festive Nails

When it comes to nails I like to go with the season so Spring is light pinks and corals, Summer is all about bright colours, especially pinks! Autumn and Winter are all about Berry and red shades. However, now it is December I feel it is only appropriate to crack out the glitter. Now a little disclaimer I will wear glitter all year round but right now… it’s ok to step the glitter game up which is why I went for a red glitter.

I prepped my nails and I decided to file them down. Start fresh and grow them. As I do other people’s nails as my job now, my nails tend to get a beating which is why I like to use Gel on my nails now. So much harder wearing and lasts so well.

I went for this shade call Morchino Cherry which is a lovely dark ish red. I then popped on top this red glitter called Meteor.. now isn’t this beautiful?? I’ve been obsessed since I bought it and been dying to use it. I love my gold and silver glitter but this red just screams “Santa come at me bitch!”

Once I did my nails I did cuticle oil and hand cream. I use these on my clients and always get asked what the hand cream is. It smells incredible!

Wish the red glitter showed more in the photo! It really is lush!

What are your go to festive nail favourites? XO

August Goals 

Just a quick post today, mainly want to write these down so if I don’t stick to them I have the shame of updating you all.

I wanted to set some goals, after a really crappy July I wanted to push myself to get back to being healthy (ish) I am not saying I will be going to the gym and having green smoothies every morning because I never stick to that.

  • Drink more water – cliche but an important one! Going to try and just drink water… and tea… I am not giving up tea!
  • Move more – again a classic for these goal posts right? However, with what happened last month and with my ongoing coccyx condition some days are harder than others. I am going to aim to walk a little every day, working my way up again.
  • Eat less chocolate and the naughty stuff – Chocolate gives me migraines and breakouts.. surely this should be enough to put me off eating it.
  • Be more organised when it comes to blogging – I am aiming to post every Wednesday and Sunday. (Hope no one fell off their seat then reading that!!)
  • Be more active on Twitter – I am quite active in general but I don’t promote my blog as much as I see others doing so feel I should a bit more.
  • Meal plan a bit better and stick to it. I try to write a meal plan and buy the shopping according to that but we always end up changing our minds and sometimes food goes to waste which I hate.
  • Get more fruit and vegetables in me, I am not too bad but I don’t get my 5 a day in a normal day unless I have the motivation to make a smoothie and eat a salad for dinner. I should be more conscious about what I eat as I am with Jacob.
  • NOT SPEND… I left this one for last because… it will be the hardest. I am a sucker for a trip to Boots… but I am really trying not to spend this month, I have enough skincare and make up to get me through until Christmas… If I do well this month by not spending it may extend further….

Wish me luck…. I will update beginning of September… XO

How I Got My Nails To Grow 

Before the wedding I really struggled to get my nails to play the game, I always had visions of my wedding nails being long and my own… generally just natural looking. I ended up with acrylics for the day because if my nails grew.. they soon broke.

After the wedding I was under less stress and decided to go back to basics when it came to nail care.

Once I soaked the acrylics off my nails, they were so weak and unhappy (although quite long) I decided to trim my nails down and start fresh. Once trimmed these are the steps I took initially to get my nails looking healthy..

  • Filed my nails into my natural shape (in one direction.. no see saw motion on my watch)
  • Used cuticle remover and gently pushed my cuticles back and removed excess cuticle.
  • Gently buffed the nail bed so was an even surface.
  • Massaged cuticle oil into each nail for 20 seconds per nail to promote growth and to hydrate the nail.
  • I didn’t paint my nails for a good week after removing acrylics.

What I did throughout the week:

  • Filed my nails at least every other day
  • Massaged cuticle oil into my nails daily
  • Pushed my cuticles back once a week

I then decided to use gel polish to keep my nails strong. I am glad I gave my nails the week break before hand. Although once I have gel polish on I do not file my nails I still feel it is so important to use cuticle oil daily. It takes seconds and makes all the difference. I make sure I remove and re do my gel polish every 2 weeks. I never peel the polish off and this has made a huge difference to my nails and their strength.

I wish I had taken a picture of my nails before they grew but they were so ugly haha. But here is a picture of my nails now…

Let me know what tips you have to keep your nails strong and healthy. X