My Boy has Started School..

My Boy has Started School..

Ahh.. I can’t believe I can even say my boy has started school!! I honestly don’t know where the time has gone. Jacob started last Wednesday and I am so proud of him! He looks incredibly cute in his uniform..

He seems very proud in his uniform and he has gone for 3 mornings so far. He was very content and was quite happy when we started to walk away. I left… and was emotional (obviously!) but didn’t cry haha! James has been off too so could do the school run with me haha.. all about support and all that jazz. The first morning my friend and I went for breakfast while James did a tip run so time went quickly.

After Jacobs first day we went for cake and the park… and he was exhausted that evening…

But day three and he was still skipping to school… yay!

Jacob wont start full time until October so they ease them in really gently, not like when I started school… chuck us in and get on with it haha! That was a very long time ago though.

My little guy was so ready for school, he has loads of energy, eager to learn and asks so many questions. I try and do things with him at home and upped this a lot over the summer holidays to get him prepared, even little things like putting his own socks on. He was a bit lazy before which is my fault as he is my baby and I always wanted to help him, luckily he can now get himself dressed. Its like he is growing up so quick…. (I am not crying…honest… lol)

I had a few concerns though, like what if he gets upset, what if he wants the toilet and needs help etc, just little things I didnt need to worry about as the school/teachers are incredible and Jake can use the toilet at home without trouble so really is just irrational thinking.

Anywho… I know this isnt my usual post but I really wanted to share and something for Jacob to look back on when he’s older! XO

Quick Make Up

Quick Make Up

So we have all had those mornings where time goes quicker than the weekend went and before you know it its 8.12 and you haven’t even brushed your teeth yet… Not just me right?? Well my alarm goes off at 7.. But usually up before then so I don’t have much excuse to run late! However, Jakey wants milk… And wants me to be Nala, Lightening or Mater about 100 times before I even get out of bed haha.

This is what I throw on my face when I look at the time and think… Balls… I need to go… I start off by putting Rimmel Wake me Up all over my face.. It does what it claims.. It wakes me up (before I go go – sorry I couldn’t resist) then I swish on some Nars bronzer.. No one has time to contour in the morning haha.. I pop on some Benefit Coralista which is great at waking up my face and it’s like a highlighter and blusher in one, so saves a step. I quickly use soap and glory archery through my brows as its so quick and easy. I swipe some mascara on and my favourite at the moment is the Benefit RollerLash, it lengthens and dries quickly. I usually have 8 hour cream on my lips from going my skincare routine so I am literally ready to go!

If anyone has any tips of getting ready quicker please let me know! Comment down below or tweet me @lucyluvsbeautyx or find me on Instagram my username is lucybender … My account isn’t set to private so easily found on there 🙂 xx

Make Up for a Weekend Away

Make Up for a Weekend Away

So we did our annual trip to Wales.. Barry Island to be precise. James took me there the first year we got together.. 6 years ago and it was love at first sight. I started to love it after watching Gavin and Stacey but it’s more than that. Everyone you meet there is so friendly! So it’s very welcoming.

But this is the make up I took with me for the weekend, I wanted something quick and simple so I didn’t have to faff about in the mornings:

First up was this new foundation I’ve been trying, the Bourjois healthy mix, it’s awesome. Easy to blend and smells nice. The concealer I have here is a new favourite, match perfection. I love the little brush and the tube. Just so easy to use and blend. My Nars Laguna bronzer goes everywhere with me, it’s brilliant for bronzing up the face and also contouring a smidge. The Benefit Rocketeur blush is brilliant too but I have so many blushers it’s hard to have a favourite.. I have been a bit lazy with my brows and eye make up lately, just using the Urban Decay Naked through my crease and a bit of Benefit RollerLash… And Soap and Glory Archery in the old slugs. I whack on my favourite lip balm by Reeses (although I usually already have 8 hour cream on lol) but this Reeses one smells so amazing!!

The beaches are beautiful and sandy as well, and there’s plenty of walking to be done.. As you can see…

If someone had said to us 6 years ago that we would be going back in a few years time with our little boy we probably would of thought they were mental! But we have been every year since being together and it gets more amazing every time.