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Garner Skin Active Moisture Bomb Mask – Fatigued Skin 

I know I know I’ve always said I don’t like sheet masks but I have a confession I tried one a couple of weeks ago and thought it was alright. I didn’t mention it as I thought it was a fluke. My lovely friend Ellie popped over with a little care package and in it was this mask. I love Lavender and I am certainly feeling tired and my skin is looking it. 

I hopped in the bath (not literally as that’s dangerous) plopped a twilight bath bomb in and put this on my face. 

Once you peel the blue layer away it is really… I don’t want to say it… but moist. It’s moist. And slippy. I positioned it on my face and laid back… I usually try and potter about with these masks on and end up looking like something out of a scary film but I thoroughly enjoyed using this mask!! 

The mask claims to hydrate for one week… well it says… Super hydrating, de-tiring mask… Intensely rehydrates, reduces the appearance of fatigue and relaxes the senses. I must admit it did all those!! I looked and felt so much more relaxed and less tired after using this. 

Perhaps I’m officially converted to sheet masks…. shocking I know. XO 

Grow Gorgeous Hair Mask

I love any form of mask, hair, face or foot… you name it I love it. I spotted this in Boots and it was on offer so had to grab it. It smells really nice. I slathered it on as per the instructions and left it on for about half an hour. It recommends you put it on and sleep with it in your hair but washing my hair in the mornings is an absolute no go as I have the nursery run haha. I rinsed it off and shampoo and conditioned as normal. My hair was so smooth, noticeably more manageable.

I did notice after styling etc my hair felt a little greasy at the roots. It might have been a coincidence but I put it down to me putting too much mask on and not washing it out properly. I used the mask again and put it just on the ends and left it for around 5 hours as put it on in the morning and washed out later, again my hair was smooth and less tangled. I think using this on just my ends is the way to go!! Will last longer too.

Have you tried the Grow Gorgeous range? X